Army Bunkers

Gosh I am so behind the eight ball with my blogging! When we stayed in Sarina, and parked our Motorhome out the back of the most amazing family our boys imagination got into full swing! They built, created, put together and used old fence palings to construct an Army Bunker.

Kids Imagination ::

It took about a week to put together, and was meant to be pulled down before we left Sarina, but our boys left it there for the kids of the house to enjoy. I was a bit worried about it falling down on one of the kids, but after looking at the support beams I was satisfied that all was good!

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Finch Hatton Gorge Plus Road Side Assistance

Today Kyle and I escaped from our Motorhome! Escaped from life and joined the Mackay Natural homeschooling Group for a great fun refreshing morning at Finch Hatton Gorge.

It was something that both Kyle and I was so looking forward to, as well as wondering what it was going to be like. I have been there many years ago but that was when our oldest son/Zachery was little. I had forgotten how pretty the drive up was…..

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Happy 11th Birthday

We are a bit slack! We have never had a birthday Party for Cameron. Not sure how that happened…maybe cause he is our fourth son and we kinda got too busy…and maybe cause of the time of the year. Its crazy leading up to Christmas and we just never seem to got around to it.

But he asked and we gave. He really wanted about 10 friends from school to his party. Mind you not every one came, and no-one actually let me know who was coming/who wasn’t!!!

He did have a great time, even though his brothers upset him. He got some great gifts, had yummy cake, and lots of food that we normally don’t have. Wished the party went a bit longer, and that they had something more to do…maybe next time I will hire a party planner?

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True Aussie

Since we have stayed in our new spot (across from the Caravan Park that we were staying at) we have seen and been a part of so much True Aussie Spirit! Unless I was first hand witness I wouldn’t have believed it was possible.

Gee I so Wished that I had taken photos of the last three weeks. And what has been going on….

Never Mind ~ Will have to try and put it into words.

We are staying in the backyard of the most amazing couple. They are opening up their home, their hearts and their family to ours. We are allowed to use their kitchen – their amazing big oven – anytime that we like. Which our boys are loving because they get to have their all time favorite meal – Lasagna.

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Living With Another Family :: Making it Work

Would you believe that we are living with another family and we are making it work out really well? Never thought that would be possible with my loud boys. Yet everything (everyone) is getting along so well. The universe has provided for our family.  A bit like the time when two lots of great friends turned up to see us while on the Sunshine Coast.

Seen as how there is so many of us, and our boys are real boys I have been trying to make it easier for the other family and help out where possible. Riding to school with our boys, and taking their children as well.

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Happy Halloween From Down Under

Being Australian we are not really into Halloween. But our kids LOVE the idea of dressing up and going to a PARTY. So when our boys two friends (who live in a house near our Motorhome) asked them for a Sleep Over and a Party, what was I to do?

My heart kept on saying NO but my head said they will be ok, and they are together so they will have lots of fun. They also were told that anytime they wanted to come home all they had to do was ask their friends parents and I would pick them up in a flash.

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What A Week! Grr Not A Happy Camper

Today was the icing on the cake. It was the smell that got to us all – we still can’t believe how strong that smell is. We have looked everywhere for it….all the normal hiding holes and still can’t find it. Maybe its a mouse that is laying somewhere, maybe it’s not even in the Motorhome but under it? Maybe because of the summer heat its under the Motorhome but smells like its inside?

I am not sure but I would love to know so that I can bury it and say goodbye. At least under my lounges are clean – gosh I never realised how dusty it was under there! I pulled them apart and swept it all out – no signs of Mice there.

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Mackay Geurrilla Knitting Project

Mackay City Library has the most amazing magical tree outside near their swings. I love looking at the tree when its bear so to see it with knitted art work its spectacular. Last time we went to Mackay Library there was a few branches covered in the Knitting pieces, when we went to Mackay Artspace Gallery there were many more branches covered……

Geurrilla Knitting Project

Spotlight even jumped on board with the Mackay Geurrilla Knitting Project. If you collected your card from Mackay Artspace Gallery you were able to get a discount on Wool/Knitting needles etc. It started in the first half of the year and finished by July 24. Yet many others must be joining in on the Geurrilla craze because tagging the tree is gaining momentum. It really does look good – and like the idea behind of the Knitting pieces covering grey :: the project does make one smile!

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Artspace Mackay War Artists Journey Through Afghanistan

I took our boys into the Artspace Mackay Gallery a couple of weeks back. We found the building after searching along the Bluewater Quay (realising that it was actually near the Mackay Library!) I keep meaning to return with all of our boys so that they can see the display but time has slipped away this week!

Artspace Mackay War Artists Journey Through Afghanistan

After looking at the Bird Display and making their binoculars we headed to the next room. Where Cameron and Kyle was in awe. They havent seen so many war photos before so they took there time going from one scene to the next. I was fascinated with how the artists put the display together….

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