Whale Watching Mooloolaba

Today we crossed a Bucket List Adventure off. We have always wanted to see the Whales and have come close to booking many times over the years but sometimes plans change. Today nothing was stopping us from keeping our booking with Whale Watching Mooloolaba, even after seeing the AIDA Opera at Moncrieff theater very late last night, and then having to be on the road by 7.00am this morning, to be back in time was not going to stop us!

We are all exhausted and hope to be in bed early, but I thought I would quickly have a look through the pictures that we got of a Mama and her baby Whale. Mind you the pictures can never ever capture the moment of when the baby came so very close to the Boat, so close that you could see its eye!

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Australia Zoo

When we lived in Glasshouse Mountains {many moons ago!} we used to have a Family Pass to Australia Zoo – where I could take our boys for a few hours whenever we wanted, and see “More” of each section of the Zoo without the pressure of rushing from one spot to another.

Now that we are here on the Sunshine Coast I was thinking about what we could do because we have really seen most of this area already – and so one thing lead to another and we now have yearly passes once again. This is our Family very early Christmas Present to our boys! And to us parents – we love exploring the Australia Zoo as much as they do.

On Friday {last week} David came home from work and we rushed out the door to activate our passes and to check out the new sections that we hadn’t seen. As soon as we got there we jumped onto the Zoo Train to take us to the “African” section and “Bindi Island”. We also wanted to catch the crocosuem crocodile show but for some reason it wasn’t on at 2.30pm – it was at one of the smaller Crocodile enclosures which we decided there was too many people for us to see anything.

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Bellingham Maze :: Get Lost!

Cameron and I got to spend some quality time together! It was so nice, normally Kyle and I have quality time or we all go out as a family together….not so much one-on-one with the others. Since we did and had lots of fun at Bellingham Maze we are now looking at other attractions where we go together.

Bellingham Maze :: Get Lost

And boy did I ever….Cameron worked out how to get into the Maze and out within next to no time, and was racing ahead – saying “See you soon, Mum”.

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Once Again Thanking You

After our stay at Pomona Showgrounds we were invited to stay at David’s bosses house. If you ever need a service done on your van and you are in the Sunshine Coast area then I highly recommend that you drop into Suncoast Caravan Repairs.

Not only do they care about their customers, but they also care about their staff. In this day n age its hard to find a boss that really cares about their workers, and yet Jenny and Bruce do.

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Noosa Beach

If you know our family well, you will know that we head to the Beach whenever where ever we can!! And we LOVE the water, it has a calming affect on all of us. Plus its a great way to see Australia – imagine that….driving from Beach to Beach all the way around the Great OZ? That would be the most ideal way to travel/live.

While we stayed at Pomona Showgrounds we had an evening at Noosa Beach. One Friday David knocked off from work early and we decided that it was a perfect way to relax/plus a perfect place to eat Hot Chips for dinner.

Here Is Noosa Beach in a Short Video ::


Nic Walking Towards Us To Tell Us David Got Dinner

Nic Walking Towards Us To Tell Us David Got Dinner

Have you Been To Noosa Beach in Queensland?

Thanking you for following our Journey.



Pomona Showgrounds

When we travelled down from Bundaberg to the Sunshine Coast we had to find somewhere to stay, and it was not a matter of having a choice of where to go – it was a matter of getting off the hill we were stuck on. And it was a matter of doing what ever it took to get off that hill – we had to rig up a direct fuel line to move off that steep hill, and cruise on down into Pomona Showgrounds for the week.

Actually we ended up staying there for 8 nights (payed for seven and then payed for the extra night) because David needed time to replace all of the fuel lines. We ended up with the most amazing Backyard view ever ::

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Travelling From Bundaberg To Sunshine Coast

WOW what a week we have had! We thought the five hour trip from Bundaberg to Sunshine Coast was going to be a breeze, and one that we could take slowly…..guess the universe has other ideas for us.

Travelling from Bundaberg to the Sunshine Coast is a familiar trip for us because we used to live in D’aguilar and then at Glasshouse Mountains. And we used to drive back n forth every Christmas/Easter to David’s Parents. Never ever has it taken so bloody long!

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50 Must Do’s On The Sunshine Coast

50 Must Do’s On The Sunshine Coast

The other day we drove down to Sarina to check out if our Motorhome will be able to fit in the Caravan Park we are moving to. While we were there we walked into the Sarina Tourist Information Centre to find out what we can explore while we are staying there. And what do I find but a brochure on “50 Must Do’s On The Sunshine Coast“…too funny as that is where we have just come from!

Reading The Brochure

While David drives us back to Mackay I start reading the brochure from Sunshine Coast Tourism “50 Must Do’s On The Sunshine Coast” and I start to feel really slack…as we hardly did any of the list!!

Yet we stayed on the Sunshine Coast for over six months (far too long in one place!)

So I thought I would go through the List and Work out what we did see….

1. Australia Zoo – seen as how we lived in the Glasshouse Area in 2010 we had season passes to Australia Zoo and so we didnt make the time to go while staying on the Sunshine Coast. Now I wished we had!

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