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Sunshine Coast

Visiting places in the sunshine coast area

Bellingham Maze :: Get Lost!

Cameron and I got to spend some quality time together! It was so nice, normally Kyle and I have quality time or we all go out as a family together….not so much one-on-one with the others. Since we did and had lots of fun at Bellingham Maze we are now looking at other attractions where … Continue reading »

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Once Again Thanking You

After our stay at Pomona Showgrounds we were invited to stay at David’s bosses house. If you ever need a service done on your van and you are in the Sunshine Coast area then I highly recommend that you drop into Suncoast Caravan Repairs. Not only do they care about their customers, but they also … Continue reading »

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Noosa Beach

If you know our family well, you will know that we head to the Beach whenever where ever we can!! And we LOVE the water, it has a calming affect on all of us. Plus its a great way to see Australia – imagine that….driving from Beach to Beach all the way around the Great … Continue reading »

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Pomona Showgrounds

When we travelled down from Bundaberg to the Sunshine Coast we had to find somewhere to stay, and it was not a matter of having a choice of where to go – it was a matter of getting off the hill we were stuck on. And it was a matter of doing what ever it … Continue reading »

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Travelling From Bundaberg To Sunshine Coast

WOW what a week we have had! We thought the five hour trip from Bundaberg to Sunshine Coast was going to be a breeze, and one that we could take slowly…..guess the universe has other ideas for us. Travelling from Bundaberg to the Sunshine Coast is a familiar trip for us because we used to … Continue reading »

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50 Must Do’s On The Sunshine Coast

The other day we drove down to Sarina to check out if our Motorhome will be able to fit in the Caravan Park we are moving to. While we were there we walked into the Sarina Tourist Information Centre to find out what we can explore while we are staying there. And what do I … Continue reading »

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Raw Food Cafe

On Saturday (last weekend) I was not in the mood for anything! Actually I so needed some “Vitamin Me” time so instead of doing something for the family (or with the Family) I got David to drop me off to a Raw Food Cafe while he took the boys shopping! Raw Food Cafe  Its Rawsome … Continue reading »

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Top Shots Maroochydore

Even though we woke up to rain on Sunday morning, we thought that it would clear in time for us to all head to TopShots Maroochydore. Besides we had got our boys so excited that we had to go – no matter what the day was like!  Luckily for all of us the  rain held … Continue reading »

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Staying At The Sunshine Coast

Gosh are we having fun Staying At The Sunshine Coast. There is so much for our boys to do, and for them to explore! They are not sure where to go first, and what to do next. We were so lucky to live on acreage for the last 7 months, now we are so lucky to be … Continue reading »

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