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Chicken Ginger Soup For The Soul

Posted by on March 20, 2014

The other day I decided to make a Chicken Ginger Soup for the Soul for a family member who has been sick and is really run down. The Chicken Ginger Garlic Vegetable Soup is for everyone….its a great Detox for the body, great for cold nights, great for a pick-me-up-when-I-am-down-and-need-more-energy, great for chest infections, head colds, sore throats, sore ears…. Its basically a soup that you can eat when you need to give more back to your body.

And it was perfect  timing because as soon a I had made the Soup our Older son came down with a sore throat, glands up and a left ear infection. I was expecting him to get sick because he had been pushing himself too hard on the return trip home from his Deployment….they had cut his section down by half the team members but had expected the work load to stay the same!!!

Chicken Ginger Soup For The Soul ::

YouTube Preview Image

Ingredients ::

Chicken Breast

2 Onions

Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper

Garlic – the more cloves the better

Ginger – the more the better


Sweet Potato






Chicken Ginger Soup for the Soul


Method ::

Slice thinly and Brown The Onion in a LARGE saucepan. Add lots of Salt

Add the Chicken Breast – don’t worry about cutting the chicken up because it will break down with cooking the soup. Make sure its cooked through before adding any other ingredients

Slice the Celery and Broccoli, add to the soup with lots of water

Grate the Carrots, Potatoes, Zucchini, Sweet Potato. Add to the Soup

Crush the garlic and add to the soup mixture. Add Pepper for taste.

Add the Tin of Corn, or fresh Corn on the Cob {which can be cut off when cooked!}

Add the Grated Ginger. You can add as much ginger as you want to this soup. I usually buy a big chunk of Ginger and grate the whole lot into it!

Make sure the Soup is covered in LOTS of Filtered Water.

*** IMPORTANT *****

Let it cook on low for at least two hours. Keep checking the Chicken Ginger Soup For The Soul to make sure that it is not sticking to the bottom of the Saucepan, add more water if needed.

The Soup is great for little ones  who don’t like to eat veggies because they are grated into the Chicken and taste amazing.  Its a Soup that is easy to make, can be eaten with Garlic Bread or Crusty Bread, can be frozen for next time or gobbled up in one go!!!

After making a double batch {one for our boys and another for a family member} I was whisked off for a night on the town in Sydney, but that’s a post for another time :)

Have You Tried Chicken Ginger Soup For The Soul?

Do You Have A Favorite Soup That You Would Like To Share?



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15 Responses to Chicken Ginger Soup For The Soul

  1. Mike

    Well now who should be inviting whom to cook for them, Lisa? I love homemade chicken soup and it does warm the soul and spirit. I had never heard of putting ginger in it so I’m very curious on having a taste. What time is dinner?
    Mike recently posted..Phoenix And I Got 86′d From The Great Reno Balloon Races

    • Lisa

      Would love to cook for you anytime any day! Just let me know what time you want to be here :)

  2. Pinky Poinker

    Thank you for this! Even the name of the soup sounds soothing!
    Pinky Poinker recently posted..Pinky and the Appointment.

  3. Angel

    Yum my mum makes one with just chicken, ginger and garlic. She adds a bit of turmeric powder and we have it as a side dish when we have spaghetti. I must try yours. Do you put the whole chicken breast in with cutting it at all? Do you think it would work in the slow cooker after browsing the onion in a fry pan?
    Angel recently posted..Review: Jolly Jumper pros and cons

    • Lisa

      oh your Mum’s recipe sounds so very yummy.
      I do put in the Chicken Breast without cutting it – browning it on both sides and then breaking it up while still cooking it {with a wooden spoon} – the slow cooking method makes it split up easily while its cooking.
      As long as you brown the Chicken and onion before placing it in the slow cooker I think it would work fine :)

  4. Angel

    Hmmm sorry about the spelling above, it’s difficult trying to write on an iPhone. Meant to say ‘without cutting the chicken ‘ and browning the onion.
    Angel recently posted..Review: Jolly Jumper pros and cons

  5. Grace

    Oh yum! Thank you for posting this, Lisa. I’m going to make some this week. I totally agree with the “Lots” of ginger and “Lots” of garlic! x
    Grace recently posted..FYBF – The “For Every” Edition

    • Lisa

      Thats great Grace, let us know how it goes :)
      I reckon the more ginger and more garlic the better!!

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