Daddy Melt Down

This week had to be the start of a heat wave didn’t it!! And we are on such a tight schedule…one where David has a million things to do and not enough hours in the day.

Yesterday was really hot, the day before was too – and it affected him big time. He had a melt down – not so much like our boys do (with screaming and tears) but more of actually melting. He almost got heat stroke. And yet he wouldn’t stop nor slow down. So I marched on out there and helped him to rig up some shade.

This is how he is now working ::


Too hot For Working

It Was That Hot That He Was Melting!

David had been working out in the sun all day. When I got back from picking up our kids from School I noticed that he didn’t look too good. I kept asking him to stop, or to work on the side that had some shade but being a man he wouldn’t listen to me 🙂

Me being Me….I grabbed the Tarp, I grabbed some rope from the back of the car, and some tent poles (they were laying up against the fence) and I started to put up the shade. No idea what I was doing….but within next to no time David (along with my no-mucking around bullshit attitude) had it worked out how to keep it up.

Next time I looked he had grabbed the big industrial fan and even took off his shirt!!

Putting the sides back on

He is re-sheeting the bottom half of the passenger side. Yesterday he ran out of his Rivets that he has been using! That means that our Motorhome has over 2000 new Rivets on the outside. Today he is going into Mackay and is buying another box.

Renovations on the outside

Even in this Heat he is grinding!

He is working away at getting it all ready so that it can be painted next week…..

Working in the heat is not good

Now he is a lot cooler than before

Outdoor workshop!

He is now out of the sun and has the fan to keep him a bit cooler.

Next week she should look like this ::


We Got It Painted…..

Our new home on wheels

Surprise! She is Painted

Do You Like Our New Colour Scheme?

Only kidding! I got Cameron to play around with “Windows Paint” and he created this master piece!

I think he did a great job with painting it. Lets hope the painters do even a better job 🙂

David had the biggest “Daddy Melt down” yesterday, but it was so hot so I totally got why.

With the heat and Motorhome Renovations, even superman wouldnt have coped. Our boys couldn’t cope and they were inside having fun.

Was It Hot Where You Are?

Do You Think That Working in the Heat is Madness?



New Life on the Road


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