Dave The Phone We Tried To Break

** Product Review – written in our words with our experiences. All thoughts are our own**

This post nearly didn’t go live. Only because I had thought that Dave The Phone We Tried To Break was broken! And I didn’t know what to say if that was the case. I was even getting ready to return the phone to sender but lucky for us we didn’t have a return address!

You see we were given “Dave”Model T83 to try out. We were told to drop him….so we did.

He survived dropping from our hands onto our motorhome floor. Do you know how many phones I have broken doing that very thing!!

He survived a day at David’s Work Shop…Dave must be as tough as my hubby David…he didn’t end up with Bruises or lost skin like hubby sometimes come home with. He is like a best friend!

Dave went to work with David!!

Dave Went To Work With David and Survived His First Work Experience!

Dave Hanging Out With David

He Is Tough Enough To Sit On the Workshop Trolley

He survived four boys testing it out and playing rough with it….he even survived being caught in the middle of a morning tickle game on our bed! Somehow one of them ended up kicking it by accident and it landed again on the floor without any damage.

BUT Then a Trip to The Beach Almost Became Too MUCH for Dave ::

Yes Kyle dropped it into the Water! Here I thought it was a goner for sure, but it survived the water accident.

After falling into the Water

Dave Picking It Up

Until the NEXT Day where the “Headphone” symbol kept coming on and then it stayed on . AT first I was like “Oh NO we did break Dave, he is not as good as they say he is”

But the next day the Headphone symbol turned off for the day, and I was like “OH thanking you for working again”

But again that afternoon the Headphone symbol turned on….for the next week the phone would work when it wanted to, other times it was back to silent unless the headphones where plugged in!

Washing off the Phone

Washing Dave off with fresh water – IT was still working at this stage

Until It Took A David To Fix Dave ::

David came home from work to me saying “Its not working again. It was fine for a couple of hours and now its broken again”

He grabbed the phone and decided to fix it….by washing it in soapy water!! Yep he washed it in soapy dish-washing sink full of water, dried it with my hair Dryer and now WE HAVE DAVE back 🙂

He realised that by listening to me explaining how the “Headphone” symbol was coming on/off/on/off for over a week that there must be some salt water trapped inside, and thought “What the heck lets give it a good clean out to see it that will fix it

Which is so good because I know that I can rely on a “Dave” – if the Woody Family tried to break it and was not able to then this phone can with stand anything any family can do to it……mind you I don’t recommend taking it the rock pools in Kyle’s hands again!!!

Shaking it off

Even Shaking The Phone Didn’t Break it!!

Dave The Phone We Tried To Break

Nearly Succeeded but it past the test with our family. To me that it is a phone worth having with little ones around! So wished we had it with us to test out in the snow!!

Want to know more about “Dave” check out the Particulars of Dave on Telstra.

Resistant to dust in the environment and waterproof to one metre for up to 30 mins, you don’t have to worry about dropping it in a puddle. The shock resistant casing also helps to protect from impacts” ~Telstra Website.

Do You Have A Dave In Your Life?

All the Dave’s we know are top blokes so it makes sense to call a Phone “Dave” 🙂



New Life on the Road

** We were asked to Product Test “Dave” from Telstra – We Recommend the phone to families because it lasted with us trying to break him. Mind you please read the warranty before you take any phone home and try not to drop it in salt water. We did and warm soapy dish-washing water along with a hair dryer fixed it!!!

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6 thoughts on “Dave The Phone We Tried To Break

  • February 3, 2014 at 6:25 pm

    You say this phone is un breakable I’m a carpenter by trade and have gone through alot of iphones the second day I had my telstra Dave in my hand as I was hopping out of my ute and dropped him you wouldn’t believe it but…. A crack from one side of the screen to the other obviously not tough enough for some

    • February 3, 2014 at 6:36 pm

      You cant be serious!! You have no idea how many times I have dropped it in our Motorhome, and my kids are forever dropping the phone and its still going….bummer, can you get it fixed with Telstra? I would see what they can do for you 🙂
      Its way better than my other phone which doesn’t have a case on it, and is scratched to pieces! Love the design, and the colour…sure is tougher than most phones on the market.

  • May 14, 2014 at 1:16 pm

    We bought 4 to try and a few weeks later had 2 cracked screens and one shattered. Being an agricultural machinery dealership we have given the mechanics and sales people Telstra tough phones int he past and have been very happy but they wanted smartphones this time. Unfortunately Dave is too expensive to repair vs buying a new phone. We buy about 40 phones a year and are very disappointed in Dave’s screen quality. Research on the net shows many people complaining of the screens cracking too while in their pockets not even being dropped.

    • May 26, 2014 at 4:30 pm

      Hi Jenny,

      Bugger about the phone screens cracking and shattering. did you take them back to Testra? Funny enough but both my younger boys have Dropped Dave {the phone not their dad!!} on the Motorhome floor heaps of times and nothing has happened.

      Mind you I am now having issues with the Yellow Turn on button at the top of the phone – it wont switch on unless I press really hard.

      All the best with your Agricultural Machinery Dealership business xxx

  • December 11, 2014 at 9:08 am

    Hi they are not Dog tough ! Cracked screen bugger ! can’t be fixed in oz no parts available according to ZTE
    However not a bad phone the screen can be broken very easily my mate got a Dave from Hong Kong for $180.00 unlocked.
    Cheers Wayne.


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