Do Not Buy This Product For Your Dog

You all know how natural we are – we use natural washing powder for our clothes, we use natural dishwashing liquid, we use bi-carb soda for hair wash, we use coconut oil and zinc for sunscreen, we use natural soap for the shower, I use natural cleaning products for the motorhome floor, I even cook as much of our food from scratch as possible because that way we know what we are eating.

We have the most amazing dog ever, and you know I am not a real dog person but she has even won my heart over. You all know how we won’t use chemicals on our boys, so we don’t want to use them on Beauty. She has a Amber Collar on, and I even make all of her food – Dog Meat, Rice, Sweet Potato, Spinach, Carrots, Broccoli, and Pumpkin. Cooking up a big batch every two weeks and freezing it for morning and night feeds.

We were washing her with Neem Oil Soap to help with fleas. And to keep her from any skin issues.

We even use Magnesium Oils on all of us to help with sleep, yes I even use Magnesium Oils on Beauty!

AND that there is where I should have stayed – I even use essential oils on her to help with any issues that she has – sleeping or being frightened etc.

Our sweet girl


Our sweet girl loves Kyle,

And Kyle Loves her.

David makes me google everything before I use it with her. I even got a Natural Remedy for her for any worming issues – funny enough she has never ever showed any signs of worming.

We use Natural drops, feed her from scratch, and watch what we are doing so that she stays healthy.

Then last week we found a few fleas on our bed, and being that we are on a property with other people I was stupid and I panicked. When really I should have trusted my gut instinct and used what we had been using – Neem Oil Soap and essential oils.

I mentioned to David that I need to find a flea wash so he looked at LOTS of products and read the labels, and read the ingredients and picked up one that he thought was going to be okay, without nasty chemicals. This product is sitting on the supermarket shelves, anyone can pick it up, and anyone can use it.

There is one warning on the label not to use near any water where fish are living because it will kill fish.

WHY did I not google the company product before I used it?

I have no idea – normally I am really sure about what goes on her skin or in her mouth. Even our dry food is really expensive because its organic and only made out of real food.

Do Not Buy This Product For Your Dog. Stick to the natural remedies, never ever will I use it again, and I will be sharing loud and wide about the product so no other animal ever experiences what sweet Beauty went through. From now on only buy products that are tested, and recommended. Only use products that you have done your research on.

David purchased the Product from IGA on Friday.

On Saturday we washed Beauty with the Product.

On Saturday night she was throwing up heaps.

On Sunday morning she was throwing up with blood. On Sunday we made the decision to head to the vet because she was so lethargic – so much so she couldn’t lift her head up to look at you.

This is a dog that can walk twice a day, and have a swim before she will sleep at night.

This is a dog that follows his owner around all day long.

This is a dog that loves to jump all over you, is excited when she sees you, wages her tail, and will follow you around for lots of pats and cuddles all day long.

To laying down, not able to move her head. To not being able to walk to the car.

David had to carry her to the car, and all I could think about was “What did she eat that has poisoned her”

I cried so much, thinking she wasn’t going to make it.

We got to the vet, and he arrived. He started asking us lots of questions, and took blood work. He tested to see if she had any rat poison in her system, and took more blood to see if there was any cancer and what her blood count was like.

Her blood clotted fine, and in the right amount of time so that tells us she didn’t get rat poison in her system.

He felt all over her, and couldn’t find anything physically wrong with her.

Her temperature was okay, but there was blood on the thermometer. Now he was just as concerned like we were. We didn’t think to mention then and there about the new Dog Flea Wash that we had purchased.

We didn’t think.

So he gave us anti-nauseous tablets and antibiotics to take home with us. He gave us instructions of what to look for and what to watch out for. But we had no idea that she was still affected because the wash was still on her skin.

It was hard watching her Sunday night – worried if she was going to go to sleep and not wake up.

Mans best friend


We couldn’t feed her for 24 hours to see if throwing up blood would stop. But she wasn’t even fussed, she didn’t want any food. She barely had energy to drink water. Again this is a dog that will let you know when its breakfast time and dinner time.

We have never seen her like this.

So I sat down on Monday morning and thought really hard about what we had done differently.

Okay we got her Meat from a different butcher.

Surely that couldn’t cause internal bleeding?

What else have we done differently –

Yes she played with a mouse on Saturday but we got that from her straight away, and again the vet tested for any rat poison and she didn’t have any in her system.

She ate LOTS and LOTS of weeds and grass all day Saturday.

Which I think is what saved her because she was able to throw up so much Saturday night and Sunday morning. And her poo is covered in grass/blood since then.

Then I started to google “What Side Effects Can Flea Wash Give Dogs”


It said “Side effects to a dog flea control product include irritation or redness where a topical product was placed, hair loss, vomiting, lethargy, and diarrhea. Certain ingredients in flea control products have been known to cause more side effects than others”

I ran outside and grabbed the Flea Wash Bottle. And ran back into our motorhome.

Started to google “What Side Effects Does Bob Martin Flea Wash Have”

and forums popped up with so many stories.

OH. MY. Gosh.

So I raced to the phone in the main house and I rang the Vet we had seen on Sunday. The receptionists took down all my details and said the vet will be giving me a call back asap. She let me know that the Vet we had seen on Sunday wasn’t there that day but another Vet would read up on our notes and get back to me.

As soon I mentioned to the Vet what product we had used, the side effects and how I had read other similar stories of other dogs/cats having the same issues as what Beauty had, we both knew what had happened. He asked me if I had mentioned this issue to the vet on Sunday but I remarked that I didn’t think to – didn’t think anything of it as being an issue. Didn’t think that a Flea Wash could cause so much reaction.

I asked him if there was anything more we could do to help her recover.

He advised me to wash her asap to get the flea wash off her skin, with non-soap wash. So I went back to our natural soap – Neem Oil Soap and gave her two baths yesterday. He asked me if she had any fits/breathing issue. I said not that I was aware of, and I agreed to keep watching her closely.

He advised me to keep going with the anti-nauseous and antibiotics medication as that would help to get the poison out of her system.

So please if you have a dog {or a cat} Do Not Buy This Product for Your Dog. Buy only recommended products, do a google research, and use natural products as much as possible.

We are now playing a waiting game.

I have since joined three facebook pages that are set up so other pet owners can share their experiences with this same company. And its scary, reading the stories of how many pet owners have either their cat or dog killed by the company products or left with severe issues, yet it still sits on the shelves for people to buy.

After using the product on Beauty I had the worst tummy upset, and Kyle had a headache. Imagine how much pain Beauty was in? Breaks my heart.

PLEASE share this story so that no-other sweet dog go through the same experience. Its not right that this company can make a product that is not tested, have so many side effects and yet still make and sell the product.

We hope Beauty makes a full recovery but we don’t know yet how she is going to be. She used to be so happy, bright, fun loving and full of adventures. We hope our sweet baby girl will be like that once again very soon.

Please get well Beauty


Have You Used Any Products That Caused Your Animal To Be Sick?

Have You Used The Same Dog Flea Wash?

Please, if you have a Dog or a Cat, read this, share it around, let others know. I never ever want another animal to use the flea wash and be so sick.

Pleas Keep Beauty In Your Thoughts.


New Life on the Road.

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