Dream Believe Achieve

The last two { almost 2 1/2} months have been full on….My Head Buried in A Book and studying big time. With 8 Subjects, 30 Hours of Practice – 2 times 15 minutes of practicing different skills, Community Service, Online exams and reading…lots of reading!

The only way a Dream can come true is to have a reason “Why” for the end results! And to believe its possible no matter what stands in the way of the dream!

Now I have finished my Certificate IV and have started the Diploma, which will mean LOTS more reading. The Diploma Course is very full on, with lots of Muscle Groups, Bone Structures, and Bone Tissues medical terms to remember.

And no I still can’t remember basic names for the Arm Bones, Leg Bones, or the even the Torso Names!! But maybe one day it will all sink in? {one could hope can’t they?}

Studying with lots of Rosemary Oils – it helps with concentrations!

Lots of reading to after Midnight while my boys are all sleeping…lots of Coffee to wake me up in the morning!

Dream. Believe. Achieve.

Super excited because now I can start booking clients, and I have followed a Dream of mine – a passion that I have always wanted to Believe I could achieve. I love helping and healing others so this career path is on the way to achieving all that and more.

This has been my view for days after days….

Studying watching the Sun sets


Weeks after weeks…..watching the sun going down, watching my boys having fun, and reading from the big text book…lots of reading!

Lots of answering questions in each Subject Booklet.

And then after the weekend, completing the Community Service {mind you I only had to complete 2 hours but I actually attended a Full on Day “Bust A Move” event in Brisbane}, having a Professional Appointment, and completing all the Paperwork – Had to create Client History Forms, Client Referral Forms, and Client Treatment Forms…I was able to sign off on the Course last night.

Now To Wait for my Certificate in the Post!

Reading the Text Book


Which goes to show that if you Dream big enough you can believe that it will come true, and you will achieve what ever you set your mind to! If I can do it, while Homeschooling, keeping up with the crazy cleaning of the holiday apartment, cooking meals, along with keeping up with the endless washing from all of the practices that I have been doing….then anyone can do anything!

And now I am a qualified……

Text Books


I had completed Subject One in early February, but didn’t get Subject 2-8 until the 7th of April. So if you wanted to get technical then I have completed 7 subjects in under 2 months!!!

I am studying through Evolve College in Fortitude Valley. Going in every third Weekend of the month, studying at home in my own time and doing the online course.

Weekend Community Event ::

On the weekend another Student and I had to be on the road by 5.30am to be in Southbank, set up and ready to go by 8.15am! Wow what an amazing day we both had….

Community Volunteer ::

Bust a Move Event


This was our view from our Booth Set up!

Bust a move event


Shannan Ponton Working out


These amazing Ladies at the “Bust A Move Event” were either affected by Breast Cancer personally, or had a family/friend who was affected. Yet they all stood up and did six 45 minute workouts, with breaks in between. While they were on their breaks they approached this area….

Massage Table and Chair


So over the last two months I have practiced on my family – they were great to practice on but I needed more different body types.

And so for my 30 hours of hands on practice I called on some amazing friends – thanking you so very much {you guys rock} for letting me use the skills I learned to practice before my Big Exam. Which was two weekends ago – I had to demonstrate my skills in front of the Teacher on the Saturday, and then all day Sunday the Clinic was open to the public…and we all survived/passed the weekend.

So have you guessed yet what I am now qualified in???


Qualified, passed – done and dusted….I am now a Relaxation Massage Therapist. Oh gosh I am so excited!

I can now start working, healing others with massages, and touching those that I care. I love that I can connect with others in that way.

And soon will be {well not too soon because its a minimum 12 month course} a Remedial Massage Therapist. I am studying the Diploma through Evolve College -with its subject 9 to 16.  Something I could easily complete in six months.

But due to the Medicare Rebates the course requirements are minimum 12 months….so I will be completing all of the subject theory work, but will hold off doing one of the exams online so that I fall outside the 12 months requirements to help my clients who have private health insurance.

Some of the Subject In The Diploma ::

Deep Tissue is our next subject – so can’t wait for that one!

Sports Massage – Looking forward to learning Sports Massage

Remedial Massage. – oh yeah bring it on 🙂

Business Information. – YUCK – I am not big on paper work but hey its got to be done.

Musculoskeletal Anatomy – is one of the Subjects that I am not looking forward to!! Far too many technical, big long words that I must remember. Too many bones, muscles and veins in our bodies!

So I am in the process of setting up my Business Name, registering for GST, organizing Insurance, buying the domain name, setting up the website/facebook page and all of the other fun stuff that goes hand in hand with running a Business.

I will be working either as a Mobile Relaxation Massage Therapist – will come and massage you in the comfort of your home, great for just before you want to climb into bed for a magical night sleep, or you can work out a time that suits you to come to me.

Along side Market Stalls in Maroochydore. Once the Facebook/Website is set Up I will pop the link back in here and share it over at New Life on the Road Facebook page!

Until then if you are on the Sunshine Coast area, and you would like to experience a Full One Hour Relaxation Massage – with aromatherapy oils – then contact me on lisawsdream@gmail.com or leave a comment under this blog post.

Special Deals ::

For the first 10 people who get in touch with me, Say Yes Please, and book in the next week will receive a Special Discount Price – One off introduction special deal!

Quote “New Life on the Road” Special Deal and receive your Special Deals!

  1. In your home massage for $50.00 – Normally $70.00
  2. Or come to my place and get your massage for $40.00 – Normally $60.00

With Free Aromatherapy Oils! Ask for either “Sweet Dreams” or “Butterflies Soother”

Sweet Dreams -to help you either Sleep better, or a Butterflies Soother Blend to settle Nervous Butterflies!

*** Special Thanks to my family and friends – you all made this possible. You helped me practice, you helped me build my confidence to go forward and create this amazing business.

Just goes to show that you can teach an old Dog New Tricks!

When Was The Last Time You Had A Relaxation Massage?

** Can guarantee that the Relaxation One Hour Massage Will Be Worth it.



New Life on the Road.

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    • April 19, 2016 at 2:56 pm

      Thanks heaps Lisa {sorry just seen your comment today!!}. Its a LOT of hard work but it sure is starting to pay off 🙂
      Love following your dream as well xxx


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