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Feeling Of Peace

Posted by on November 12, 2013

Many of you who know me before I started sharing our journey online know that I have struggled for years with having only Boys in our Family. Many of you know that I have suffered depression over the years due to many things – and I have many periods of being fine and many periods of lows.

Feeling Of Peace

But today I woke up and I had the most amazing feeling come over me. I have a Feeling of Peace within ~ I feel like I can reflect back on my life and I am OK.  I have always had a feeling of like I have lost something or something is missing in my life because I have only boys and no daughters. But today I asked the question within “Are you Happy?” “Are You OK With Having only Sons”

And to my surprise I came back with an answer “Every thing is fine, and your life is on track for where you are meant to be”

Normally I still feel a lose for not having a little sweet girl in my life, in my arms in my family. But today I finally feel like its going to be just fine.

Two of my sons are where they have always wanted to be in life. My job is complete. All of my boys happiness, health and dreams are being meet. To me that means more than anything in this world. I feel like I have done what I was born to do – raise my boys to believe in themselves.

Feeling like my family is meant to be

Feeling at Peace within

And to be happy.

To have dreams, to follow through on them and to never ever give up.

That makes sense to me, and makes me realise that I am so very grateful for all that we have in our life. Its way more than a lot of other Mum’s have and its way different for a lot of other Mum’s lifestyle. But its my life and I love the feeling of peace that has come over me. Its almost like I am finally happy, settled, and at ease within my own skin.

I am never ever have it all, but I have my dream “New Life on the Road” ~ and I have my family.

To me that is worth more than all the weight of gold in this entire world.

My life is full on, and full with my boys. To that I would love to say Thank you. Thank you to David for being there Dad, and for being my hubby.

My Love My Family

My Love Spot On the Dashboard of our Motorhome

To thank each of my boys ~ I am so lucky to say that I am your Mum

To thank my family – My brothers mean the world to me

To Thank my friends ~ your friendship means so very much.

And Thank you. For joining this Journey.

Life is a Journey

Life is a Journey Not A Destination

Feeling of Peace, after all these years. Its a good feeling, one I will hold onto for as long as possible.

My Family

My Loves

Its beginning to look like Christmas

Do You Feel Like Your LIFE Is Where Its Meant To Be?



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4 Responses to Feeling Of Peace

  1. Mike

    Wow Lisa! No, I didn’t know you suffered from depression and thank you for being so candid! While I have chose not to share that or my anxiety on my blog yet because of my work (and not to be mentioned on my blog)…I’m sending you huge kudos and have the utmost respect and admiration that you did so! It especially hit home because I’m in one of my down swings right now. I refuse to take medication as I always want to “cure” this holistically when they occur. That’s a constant work in progress. So yes, my life is where it’s meant to be at the moment for whatever the current life lessons that are in place for me to learn from. Thank you sooooooo much! Hugs to you and all of our best to your family! :)
    Mike recently posted..$200 Giveaway Contest!

    • Lisa

      Hi Mike,

      Depression is a subject that most people don’t want to talk about, but at the moment I am in a good spot in my life. I have sorted and done a lot of deep thinking in the last 12 months and have been on a huge journey within. Its helped to find my inner peace, helped find my peace with my feelings. And I sure hope it helps others – and like you I don’t take medication. We don’t go to the doctors at all and we head to the Health Food Store to help with healing naturally. And I am sending lots of inner peace to you Mike xxx

      Thanks for your kind support and love


  2. Sarah from Creating Contentment

    I’m so happy for you that you were able to get to this place. You give me inspiration to keep trying, that it is possible. Big hugs xx
    Sarah from Creating Contentment recently posted..The Liebster Award

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