Fixing The Springs

David was able to organise through his ex-Boss to have our Springs repaired/rebuilt. David from Keep On Travelling knew basically everyone in the Wollongong area so it made it so much easier {and cheaper} to get all of our major work done – quality work at cash prices is the only way to go.

Fixing The Springs on the front was a lot easier then the back ones – only because of the weight issues. They were heavy in the front, and had to be lifted with a Pulley System that David rigged up. But the Back ones were twice as heavy and were harder for David to move around.

I reckon that he lost 10 kilos of weight but just lifting up the springs! Better work out then the Gym that he and I used to go to.

Actually I was so very scared that he was far too skinny before we came up to Queensland for Xmas, but its okay now cause we don’t have the motorhome for him to be working around the clock on, and he has been enjoying yummy Xmas food!

Fixing The Springs ::

David used the Bumper Bar to rig up the Pulley System – to take the Old Springs out and to Put the New Ones back in. It took all of his weight, and with the help of both Kyle and me to hold onto the end of the pulley system to be able to put the springs back in – when David took these old ones to the Illawarra Springs guys they used a Crane to pick them up from the trailer and place in their work shop – yep David was NUTS to be working such heavy weights!

Old Springs


The motorhome on Blocks


While it was up high on blocks we lived with our generator going from around 10.00am to about 6.00pm every day. The washing machine couldn’t work so I had to soak David’s work clothes over night in the light green bucket and then either wash them by hand. That soon got too much {and I was concerned about the washing liquid not being washed out enough} so I rang the Caravan Park {where we had been for over a year} and they let me return to wash the clothes in their laundry, and use the dryer. Sure saved us time and money doing that!


New Springs for the Back of the motorhome


They are the same set of springs, with the difference of being worked on and new parts added.

Back Springs


The difference to the driving of the Beford Motorhome is noticeable. Before the front set and back set were fixed David struggled to keep the Motorhome on the road, especially when going around Corners – it felt like it was pulling to the curb side and I felt like it could even tip over.

Now that they are fixed they will last for some time – actually we are lucky we didn’t have any accidents when they were old and worn out – the guy who fixed them has over 25+ years experience with Springs and he said they were an accident waiting to happen.

Want to see more about the renovation process of the Springs?

Here is how we first started out with our Springs looked at first ::

On the Side of the Road – David even adds his words in how we broke down and what happened when the Tow Truck Company pushed us into place! It was spooky how much the back the wheel was hanging off – lucky for us it didn’t fall off when being towed.

Port Kembla New South Wales – The town we explored while David and his oldest son was talking to Illawarra Springs – its almost like a ghost town with all of the empty buildings but I so can see it being a Trendy Sydney Cafe attraction for all those who are looking for real estate prices way cheaper then Sydney, but on the rise because the area is being snapped up with those that have the money and are willing to commute to work!

The Bolt That Stopped The Nation – it was one Bolt. One bolt times four that stopped David from getting off the back springs! Amazing what can happen when the mindset is not aligned with the body! And when the mindset has had enough from the situation – both David and I were so very over the repairs by then but of course the universe could hear our negative thoughts and gave us more to work with.

We have realised that we are in the position we are in at the moment because we both were not happy with the way our life decision were heading, and when ever we are not in tune with our inner thoughts, and pulling together as a team we seem to have our life around us unravel in a very fast destructive way.

Now that we are without our Motorhome we both realise how much we do love our “Home On Wheels” and how much we are missing the freedom we have living in it.

We are putting together a plan of what to do, where to go and how to get there. Our Motorhome will always be in our family, and we will always be attached to the history of our bus, but we both have realised that its not suitable for our family or travelling needs.

The year of 2015 is all about planning, researching and putting into actions so that we can have our Motorhome but also have another transport means to achieve our dream of traveling Australia – with the ideas running around both of us, and the research we are putting into place we can’t wait to see how many dreams come true for us this year…its going to be an exciting year, one I can’t wait to start.

So yes our Motorhome has new springs, new roofing on the inside, new kitchen, new queensize bed, new flooring, new seats/seatbelts, new drivers seat, new paint job on the outside, new cupboard doors, new gas stove top, new kitchen and bathroom sinks, new front cupboard space…..basically the only thing left to work on is the Shower, Water tanks, and the engine.

David has poured so much of his passion into our Bedford Comair Motorhome and he has always said that he wanted to “Stick with finishing the renovations” so that he could show his sons what is possible with a end vision, and he is so very close to having all the work done!

Its Going To Be A Good Year.

What’s Your 2015 Year Looking Like?



New Life on the Road

PS :: Illawarra Springs at Port Kembla is the guy to see if you need your springs done! Let him know that New Life on the Road recommends him 🙂

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