Free Camping Staying Warm In The Tent

If you know me you will know that I love Free Camping! Actually I have only just realised that I need to share our Favorite  Free Camping Spot in Victoria {thought I had shared it already but guess I forgot} – Will share that soon in another blog post.

But if do know me you will know that I like to stay warm when camping in a Tent, if I am not warm I will ditch the tent and go sleep in the Camper Van!! Yes I bailed one night when it got down below minus degrees, leaving David alone in the tent while climbing into the warmth created between Cameron and Kyle.

But I reckon you too would have ditched that night – it was freezing, it was so cold that it was snowing not far from where we were camping. And we hadn’t learnt a few tricks about keeping warm in the tent until that experience. So I guess you could say we were meant to be there to work out how to stay warm.

Free Camping Staying Warm In The Tent ::

7 Hints and Tips ::

  1. Buy a Double Lined Tent that is suitable for Colder weather (make sure you purchase a Tent that is suitable for the Cold Climate)
  2. Have a Tarp to put under the Air Mattress
  3. Have at least two Yoga mats {or sleep mats} under the Air Mattress
  4. Put winter sheets on the Air Mattress or even better still a Sleeper Bag underneath you.
  5. Have a Sleeping Bag over you along with a another sleeping bag or Doona.
  6. Wear socks, scarf and beanie to keep you extra warm
  7. Sit by the Open Fire before going to bed. Make sure the fire is almost out before falling asleep to be safe! Or even better yet use hot water bottles to warm up your bed before climbing in!

The Tent Makes The Difference ::

Over the last few years we have been through a LOT of tents. From big family sized tents to smaller 3 person tents. To even 5-6 Person Tents. We use them for our older Boys to have their “Own Personal Space” {they ask us to buy them one so they have their own room space} If there is one thing we have found is that tents vary in quality and prices. Buying online seems to make a difference to our money, as well as being more convenient than actually going from Camping store to Camping Store.

Actually I think that one day all of our shopping will all be done online because its a great way to save a lot of money, and a lot of time – freeing a person to experience life time memories rather than wasting time in shopping centres! {Can you tell I am more into Free Camping than spending time wasted in shops!!}

Staying warm in the tent


Buying Quality ::

We all know that buying quality materials makes sense because it will last longer than the cheaper quality. But buying brand name products doesn’t always mean quality….its a trial and error yet we have found that the better lined tents {one where it has a warmer layer over the tent} always last longer and are more suitable for those cold windy/snowy nights.

Also buying quality products mean you have a warranty for any issues that you might have.

Keeping Warm ::

Once David worked out how to make our tent stay warm {using the 7 Steps/Hints above} while sleeping where it was snowing we actually had one night where we got too warm! But that’s the beauty of being warm, we could flick layers off and still have a good quality night sleep.

Air Mattress ::

There is NOTING worse than sleeping in a tent on a Air Mattress to have it go day in the middle of the night and end up on the hard floor”, waking up sore and achy all over. We have all been through that right?

Did you know that you can purchase air beds that have their own separate air chambers so that each person can define their own level of comfort, and if one rolls over the other person wont be woken up! There is even Air Beds that now days have an extra layer on top – almost like a “Pillow Top Layer” to give more comfort for sleeping better! And with Air Mattresses….make sure you carry an electric Pump along with a Foot Pump….David had to wake up during one of our Free Camping Nights and Blow up the air mattress with his mouth, because he didn’t wake to wake up other campers with our electronic pump. Not a great way to have a good nights rest.

Sleeping Bag ::

When purchasing an Sleeping Bag always read the description before deciding which one to buy. We have two “Kids” sized sleeping bags that are so thin {suitable for Summer} that they do not help when camping in Victoria in Winter. Luckily we had extra bedding with us to keep them warm, but we have learnt that lesson and now only buy sleeping bags that are suitable for the Minus Degrees weather as well as suitable for the warmer weather.

Shopping Around ::

We have been to the many different camping stores {Big Brand Ones that cost a bomb to more affordable camping stores}, and have always ended up buying our “Free Camping Equipment” either on sale or even online. There is one online Company that sells all of your needs for adventures living, Cotsworld Outdoor. They have a range of Camping Products {Tents, Backpacks, Sleeping, Cooking, Lighting, Camping Furniture, to Hiking Gear and so much more}, to Men’s wear, Women’s Wear, Children’s Wear and so much more!

What I like is they have a “Discount Rock Bottom Prices” on selected products, my kinda shopping experience! I try to always buy whatever we need when its on sale {especially our boys clothes cause they out grow them or trash them}

Free Camping ::

Next year its going to be a full on year with Free Camping Staying Warm in the Tent adventures{actually we hope to stay warm by following the weather and staying in our Motorhome or Camper Van!!} so if you have any tips that I forgotten to include…please feel free to share them here.

Would You Camp Around Australia?

When David and I talked about our travelling Australia he was all keen to experience it via a Tent. I was like “Man, you married the wrong lady for that”

BUT now I have changed my way of looking at life and I am all for the adventure of whatever comes our way. I reckon that with changing our way of living I could easily travel/live/experience the tent way of life.

Have You Travelled In A Tent With Your Family?



New Life on the Road


Please note that this is a sponsored blog post from Cotsworld Outdoor but all thoughts are my own, and sharing our Free Camping Staying Warm in a Tent post is from our experience in Victoria last year!

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6 thoughts on “Free Camping Staying Warm In The Tent

    • June 18, 2014 at 5:45 pm

      Yeah I like the sound of that Jan, keeping cool in the hot weather…wished it was warmer down here 🙂

  • June 18, 2014 at 11:41 am

    This is great Lisa! You nailed it on being warm and having comfortable bedding when tent camping! I want both of those and no bugs ha, ha! I would consider camping in Australia but I have a major fear of snakes.
    Mike recently posted..CANCER-FREE CONTEST! Win $100…

    • June 18, 2014 at 5:44 pm

      That’s the only thing that freaks me out, snakes. But so far we are yet to have any where near where we camp! Maybe cause its been too cold? Yeah the no bugs is a must when Free Camping, along with staying warm 🙂
      I reckon Phoenix would love camping in Australia 😉

  • June 26, 2014 at 7:12 pm

    I reckon your quality of sleep when camping plays a huge role in how you feel about the whole trip. There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning after a good nights sleep, not worrying about a sore back or being frozen!
    Aaron Schubert recently posted..Setting the Oztent up at Walyunga

    • May 2, 2016 at 6:32 pm

      So very true! A good night sleep is everything 🙂


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