Funky Elephant Project

The other Day Kyle got a package in the Post. It was good timing too because the rain was starting {and its still going!}. Because our boys are homeschooled we love to surround them with lots of Art n Craft Activities. Sometimes they like to do crafty things all days, sometimes they prefer to be out n about.

Funky Elephant Project

We have been full on busy with exploring escaping the rain but we still have managed to fit in time each day to open up Funky Elephant Project box and put together the Mini Rocket, Astronaut Mask, and Mini Solar System.

Funky Elephant Project

Kyle looking at the Mini Solar System

The age group that is recommend is for 3-7 year olds but  in actually fact both Cameron (11) and Kyle (8 – he just had a birthday the other day) enjoyed the activities.

And I would recommend it for any age group as long as your child loves Glue, Stickers, Colouring -in, Creating, Craft or even making a mess!!

Both Cameron and Kyle had Fun

Cameron Playing with the Mini Solar System

Both Cameron and Kyle Loved This ~

Colouring It In And Putting it Together.

Actually because Cameron reads so well he was a great help with the instructions for Kyle, so that he could understand what to do each step of the way.

Colouring in the Mask

Kyle was all over this!

Best Part of Funky Elephant ::

Was the packaging. The box is able to hold all of the contents, is perfect size to store in our cupboards and then is also great for re-creating….both boys have picked up the box over the last week many times to play with the craft paper.

Mini Rocket instructioins

Mask That Kyle Loved to colour in.

Education Facts ::

I liked the Education facts on the back of The Solar System Booklet. It has a “And Did You Know” section…where you can discover more about the topic that you are creating.

And Did You Know?

*  The Sun is over 300000 times larger than earth?

*  Venus is the hottest planet in our Solar System with a surface temperature of over 450 Degrees Celsius.

*  Footprints and tyre tracks left behind by astronauts on the moon will stay there forever as there is no wind to blow them away!!

* In 2006, astronomers changed the definition of a planet. This means that Pluto is now referred to as a dwarf planet

*  It is because of the sun and moons gravity that we have high and low tides!!

I never knew any of that until now! Wonder if you did?

Art n Craft

One of Cameron’s Funny Faces!!

The Pack Comes with everything you need to make your own mini rocket, colour your astronaut mask and make a cool colourful decoration.

As well as everything you need to make your own Mini Solar System.

Have You Tried The Funky Elephant Project?

Art n Craft

Box Full of Goodies

I would like to say a huge thanking you for saving my sanity for the last week!

Facts ::

The Funky Elephant trunk is a box full of children’s activities tailor-made for 3 to 7 year olds. The trunk is sent to your home based on the subscription you choose. Currently, they offer a 2 month, 6 month and a 12 month subscription. For prices and more information go to Funky Elephant

Therefore, if you choose a 6 month subscription, your child will receive a Funky Elephant trunk every month, for six months in total!

Box of art n craft

One of Kyle’s Funny Faces!

The Box is Great ~

as a Desk Top!

Important Information ::

This is a product review. We were given the Funky Elephant for our boys to try. All thoughts and opinions are our own – we were not paid to write this.

Do Your Kids Like Art n Craft Activities?



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