Garage Sale Sunshine Coast

Today I was able to escape from the Bus and our boys! David stayed home, and worked on the Motorhome Engine Cover. Our boys stayed and played near our Motorhome (well at least I think so?)

Garage Sale Sunshine Coast Area

I didn’t even have to drive to the Garage Sales – I was so lucky to be taken in a great car….driving all over the Sunshine Coast area – to places I didn’t even know existed.

We even got to have Breakfast at the most amazing place….and I had no camera 🙁

Which is good, because that means I have to go back there and get more photos next time!

Bargain Shopping, Crazy Low Prices

The best part of Garage Sales is the bargain shopping at such low prices. Amazing what people will get rid of, and what they are asking for their no-longer needed items!

Our Boys Are Over the Moon. They did well from the bargains that were waiting.

Garage Sale Sunshine Coast

 Crazy Remote Control Dinosaur ~

Crazy price of $10.00 ~

Our boys love him!

Funny how I went looking for Camp Ovens for David and came home with anything and everything that did not relate to Camp Ovens.

Garage Sales Sunshine Coast

Army Men/Helicopters/Transformers/Planes ~

Two Boxes for $1.00 !!

Garage Sales Sunshine Coast

Our Boys are sharing this Rip Stik ~

Got this one for $7.00 !!

Garage sales Sunshine Coast

Nicholas riding the Rip Stik ~

they all have to share it!

Garage Sales Sunshine Coast

Three Books ~

for Zachery…bargain price of $5.00

Our boys now have a Rip Stik, a crazy looking Dinosaur, Toy Army Men/Planes/Helicopters/Transformers, Books and T-shirts.

The Start of the Garage Sale

This morning the Sunshine Coast Daily Newspaper was brought, and the Garage Sale Sections was taken (page 72-73) out – then we headed down the road to Mooloolaba area – and then onto Kawana Waters. Can’t really remember the other areas, just know that we saw a lot of places, a lot of people selling off their stuff, and lots of great bargains!

Handy Hints on Garage Sales

  • Buy the Sunshine Coast Daily
  • Take out the Garage Sale Section
  • Work out which area you would like to see first!
  • Head out early – the great bargains are snapped up early!
  • Have change – some of the people who have their stuff for sale run out of change!
  • Stick to your budget – and have an idea of what you want to buy….so that you don’t end up buying “stuff” that you don’t need!
  • Ask about prices, many times the person would like it gone so they are ready to bring the prices down.
  • See if you can buy just what you like – if there is a box of items for a set price eg:- $10.00 the lot, and you only want one item – then ask if you can pay for what you would like…that way you do not end up with lots of stuff that you do not need!

It’s also a good idea to know what things are worth in the shop – that way you will know if you are getting a bargain, or even buying something that is an antique at a crazy low price 🙂

Do You Like Looking At Garage Sales?



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