Getting So Excited Yet So Scared Is That Possible

Its now the biggest count down of history! Well in our Motorhome it is. Almost like we are waiting for one of our boys to be born. Did you know that all of our boys were over due – by at least two weeks. One of them came three weeks too late. But thats another story in its own right.

Getting So Excited Yet So Scared:- Is That Possible?

We are so super excited.

As we are getting ready to fly down to Melbourne. We have three boys bags already packed, as well as my bag packed. That is two more bags to go….David has to do his own bag so that he knows what he does and doesnt have. Nicholas wont let me pack his bag….and yet he wont pack it himself – I guess he will pack it when he realises that if he doesnt then he has nothing to wear!

Getting so excited

One of our boys backpacks – we are trvelling so light!

Cameron and Kyle has the same bags (yes we had to put there names on them!)

Our bus is a mess – trying to get it sorted so that everything is packed away for the three days that we wont be here. We also need to sort outside because anything and everything that is out there has to be put away.

Travelling to Melbourne

Davids Bag – He has to pack it!

Travelling to Melbourne

My Bag is Packed!

We are so super scared

Well I am not scared but our boys are. They are worried about their ears bursting or hurting. We have tried to tell them (over and over) that they will be ok, and that we will be taking hard lollies for them to slowly suck on. Guess its one of those things – they will be ok once they experience the trip.

Here are what my boys are getting up to while I try to pack the bus….

Travelling to Melbourne

This is Kyle – wet and muddy!

Playing in the Mud

 Yep they both have been playing in the mud 🙂

It’s that wet here that the grass is now mud…and its being brought back into the bus…so here is the solution….

 Motorhome is getting muddy

 We now have a bucket near the front door to wash off our feet 🙂

Raining so much

 These are Kyle shoes!

Rain and Mud outside the Bus

 Mud outside our Motorhome.

Once I realised how muddy two of our boys were, we took them into the shower block to clean them up. Now its time to stay inside playing with games, reading books etc and eating lunch.

Lunch Time

 Kyle is now playing inside with his computer and eating (again!)

Once we all came inside we had lunch, then Nicholas went up to check on the post. One of the prizes that we won came in the post. Oh my gosh you should have seen my boys once they opened up the package! Priceless……Here is the video!

We are so excited. We are going  to see our older son, my two brothers and Davids Parents! Looking forward to our trip to Melbourne even if its only for three days 🙂

What Are You Excited About Yet Scared At The Same Time?


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4 thoughts on “Getting So Excited Yet So Scared Is That Possible

  • January 25, 2012 at 2:25 pm

    Your boys are such lovely young men, I know they will enjoy the prize,thanks to Sony too ;-).
    Have a great time in Melbourne at the March out parade for your Navy boy.
    Trish recently posted..Going to school Nude ~ { Giveaway }

    • January 25, 2012 at 2:43 pm

      Hi Trish,

      Thanking you so much…our boys are loving it so very much!!! They are all taking turns…they are super excited!!



  • January 25, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    Hi, just discovered you via My Little Drummer Boys who sent me over to look at your video. Awesome to see your boys so excited over their prize! Trish always has great giveaways!

    And your blog looks awesome too. Can’t believe you sold up and are travelling across the country in a bus – that’s just so wonderful!!

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