Giving And Receiving :: We Won The Best Prize Ever

If you know me you would know that I LOVE to enter competitions. Sometimes I think about winning and imagining but not all of the time does it come true. Yet when I think about what I do want the universe answers 🙂

Giving And receiving :: We Won The Best Prize Ever

With our recent article in “Thats Life” we donated the money to world vision. I am a huge believer in giving to others so that you will get more back! And it’s worked a lot lately.

From donating to charities that need the money, to then having sponsors guest blog post pay New Life on the Road. To now this……


thanking Caz from Mojito Mother for the great competition and for the prize.

How did we win?

I shared how Melbourne City is My Family Choice For Friendly Travel. WE all love Melbourne and have been there a few times last year/this year. We cant wait to head down that way to explore more!

What Did We Win?

Well if you read to the bottom of the blog post (our love of Melbourne Blog Post – the link is above!) you would have seen the mention of the prize money!

Did You See How Much we Won 🙂 Yep we won the money!

Doing the happy dance tonight – actually we are now having a few drinks in celebration – David rushed out the door when I told him to get us something to say cheers with.

Giving and receiving We won the best prize ever 

Our Celebration Drink ~

We are not big drinkers but we do love Baileys 🙂

Giving and Receiving

David made this as our celebration ~

Baileys, Ice-cream, Home made Caramel toffee and Fruit n nut Chocolate…..

so very naught but nice!

THANKING you Caz from the bottom of our heart. Thanks Universe for the way you work.

Imagine How Much Your Life Could Change With Dreaming! 



New Life on the Road

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