Gumma Crossing Reserve

After leaving Stotts Island Environment Centre we had a massive day ahead of us….we needed to drive at least 6-7 hours so that the next day we were closer to Sydney.

David likes to know where we are going before we head off, I am happy to travel and plan when we get there! So he looked in the Camps 6 Book and jumped onto the CMCA website for any Camping Spots. It would have been good to free camp again, but this time he decided that an over night spot that only charge a small amount of money sounded ideal.

Gumma Crossing Reserve, on the banks of the Warrell Creek is where we ended up. I so wished I had thought to take out the video camera while driving down the track to the camping area… was a very rough road and our Motorhome handled better than our car did! It also have a very narrow entrance to the reserve – David had to crawl through it to miss having the roof hit with the over hanging trees.

Parked at Gumma Crossing Reserve For the Night

Parked at Gumma Crossing Reserve For the Night

When we arrived we were disappointed with how run down the place looked – but it was perfect because there was water…..our boys LOVE to splash around in the water.

Our Boys Love Chasing Each Other in the Water

Our Boys Love Chasing Each Other

I thought the mozzies were bad the previous night – the Gumma Crossing Reserve had mozzies big enough to carry you away…..and its the first time in a long time we had to use mozzie spray.

Cameron chasing Kyle

Cameron chasing Kyle

The toilets were rough – and that’s putting it nicely. There was no showers, couldn’t see where there was any drinking water and no picnic tables or BBQ’s within sight (might have been towards the other area where we were not parked?)

Would I stay there again? Happily – but only for the fact that our boys had water to play in after the long day of driving.

Kyle and Cameron chasing through the bushland

Kyle and Cameron chasing through the bushland

Would I stay there if there was no water access? Probably not.

In the morning we were about to leave when the ranger turned up and started to take Site Fees. I am not sure how often the ranger comes out, nor do I know who runs the place because it used to be run by a Trust Fund but they folded. We paid and we slowly crawled through the narrow path way back into Macksville.

We did notice a Big Coach that was parked at the beginning of the Reserve.  It had a tarp over the roof top so we wondered if it had hit the trees when coming in? Its possible because they were hanging down low on the pathway.

Actually we all joked around that with David’s crazy research choice of where to stay, that the next night was my choice of “Free Camping Spot“!!

So wished I had the Video Camera of trying to fit through the narrow track, and to show you all how bumpy it was – maybe next time!!

Spilled Contents

The only thing that spilled over was a Jar of Coconut Oil – it was brand new and the lid came off. When we realised it was turned over we found out we had a cupboard of goods that were all covered in Coconut Oil, and the non-slip mat had to be taken out for a good wash (that had to be done when we could get access to our washing machine).

All in all it was a great “New Life” adventure to add to our growing stories to one day tell our Grandkids….and made us all laugh with how we seem to end up in crazy places at crazy times in our life.

Parked next to garbage bins

Where is Gumma Crossing Reserve?

7.5km E of Macksville New South Wales.

Cost over night ::

$12.00 per family

Road Conditions ::

Bumpy dirt road, with a very narrow path way to the open camping area.

Toilets ::

Would have preferred the Composting toilets compared to the flushing toilets!!

Camping Spot Conditions ::

No Drinking Water, No Showers, No Fires allowed unless contained safely, No Picnic Tables/BBQ areas.

Access To Water ::

There is Warrell creek, where you could cross to the other side to go through bushland to the beach, but I wouldn’t advice it unless in a boat. The water does get deep in some spots, with a fast current. After we had let our boys swim for some time (towards dinner time) we did get informed (by those that have been there for weeks) that there were Bull Sharks in the water – mind you we didn’t see any!

Boat parked at Warrell Creek

Someone’s Boat parked in the Warrell Creek

Some of the people looked like they had been there for a very LONG time – some even looked like permanent residents. Mind you the ranger let me know that you can only stay there for a month at one time.


Camping Area At The Reserve

Sure was an experience!

Have You Stayed At Gumma Crossing Reserve?

Thanking you for following our Journey.



New Life on the Road.

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4 thoughts on “Gumma Crossing Reserve

  • February 7, 2013 at 12:36 pm

    Lisa, are “mozzies” mosquitoes? I have never seen that term before.

    • February 7, 2013 at 6:14 pm

      Hi Wilma,

      Yep they are one n the same 🙂


  • August 13, 2014 at 11:06 pm

    Great place at only $12 per night the road into here is Not rough but still dirt not far from Macksville ,I believe that new showers,BBQs and firepits plus there is a drinking water tank aswell ,I only was there 1-3 August 14

    • August 14, 2014 at 6:59 pm

      Thanks for the update on Gumma Crossing Reserve 🙂
      Be great to see the new showers and drinking water!


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