Gympie Over night Rest Stop

After we left Hervey Bay, and spent one magical day at Rainbow Beach we bundled up our boys {eating dinner along the way} to stay that night at Gympie Over Night Rest Stop.

It was dark and late when we got there, and that’s not the best way to set up Camp…Because its a bit harder to see a flat spot, and the best spot to park closer to the toilet blocks, but not too close to the road.

Well we got the closer to the toilet blocks right, and it was sorta a flat spot…but I didn’t think about what could fall out of trees above us! Nor did we realise how close we were to to the main roads with all of the truckies going by in the morning {yeah I sure have a crazy story on that one!}

Have you ever heard that term “Watch out for Drop bears, they fall out of trees?”

We tease our boys about the drop bears all of the time….

We know they are not real, and our boys are used to our wacky sense of humor and they know Drop Bears are not real.

Guess the Tease Got Me ::

I was setting up the curtains inside the Campervan, and trying to find spots to put all of our bags so that we could lay our middle seats back down to put the mattress out…

When I felt something on my arm. I thought it was a Mosquito or something like that and didn’t pay much attention to it. Then I took a quick look down to see if I could kill the Mosquito – and seen this on my arm….




Well actually not this particular one, cause the one on my arm I brushed off onto the bed, thinking it was a caterpillar, but in actual fact it was a centipede – totally freak out melting moment when David said to me “Oh I can’t actually brush that out of the camper van cause I am not touching that – its not a caterpillar. He found a Big Leaf to move out of the campervan and flick it well away from us…

This one was one that landed on my leg in the morning!

After the bed was sorted for us, I insisted on putting up our Camping Tent for Kyle – he was originally going to sleep on the ground out the back of David’s Make Shift changing room – on sleeping mats. Well that centipede changed everything –  I was not having Kyle on the open ground when something like that could crawl on him.

Free Camping


Peek-A-Boo 🙂

So yeah we had to set the tent up in the dark.

Well what would you do if it was your kid? Even if David was rolling his eyes at me and saying that I was over reacting….

In the Morning ::

We were starting to pack up and another one landed on my leg. Instead of Drop Bears out of the Trees it was Centipedes dropping out of the trees, scary stuff. And why was I the only one with them dropping onto? No idea but I was super glad to get out of the Gympie Over Night Rest Stop.

From the rest stop we drove to David’s ex-boss {now boss again!} house – we were meant to go for a bit but with everyone talking “Caravan Shop Business” the day went from lunch to afternoon tea to dinner, to staying over night and then in the morning we packed up and heading to Mt Ngungun. Joining up with Kyle’s Best Friends from Prep for the crazy walk up – mind you the track has changed a bit and its not as step.

One More Crazy Moment ::

But before I leave our Gympie Over Night Rest Stop memory I thought I would share what happens when a Mum is showering behind the campervan in the make shift shower that David built….

Our Campervan Shower


The breeze picked up the tent, ripped the tent pegs out of the ground and exposed my body to all of the truckies on the highway…so I started to freak out, screaming at all of them to grab the edge and hold onto to it tightly while I quickly finish and get dressed. Of course David was laughing his head off at me, and my boys were like “Whats’ wrong with Mum? What’s she screaming about now?” and taking their sweet little time to move around to the sides to hold them tarp down.

Never. Ever. Had A Shower so fast in my life.

Never. Ever Got Dressed So Fast in my Life!!!

So that was our one magical over night stay at Gympie. Stay tuned for more details/pictures on Mt Ngungun next time. We sure have so many wonderful places/pictures/stories to share…now to find the time to share them all before the next adventures!

Over night free camping spot


Another Centipede


Have You Ever Had A Centipede Land On You?

Have you ever had one bite you? Heard that they can really sting.

Location :: Six Mile Creek Rest Area Gympie

Six Mile Creek Rest Area



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