Happy 8th Birthday To Kyle

I still can’t believe he is now 8 years old – how is that possible? I can still remember the time he was placed in my arms as if it was yesterday! Mind you with those VERY long legs he looks way older than his age.

Instead of cooking his favorite meal for his birthday we decided to go out the other night. And it was nice to not have to think about the meal preparation, the cooking and the cleaning.

Its going to be good to reflect back on hisBirthdays every year to see how he has changed!

Happy 8th Birthday To Kyle!

He wanted so many BIG things for his birthday –  but mostly he wanted a Dog. Which unfortunately we couldn’t get due to our travel plans for next year, but he got something that still made him smile ::

Birthday Boy

David walking out with Kyle

Kyle getting his birthday gift

His Birthday Gift is Revealed!!

Love His Little Sweet Face!

A bike for his Birthday

This. Is. It. Smile. Kyle loved his Birthday Present.

He was happy with what he got.

Our Night Out For Dinner ::

eating out for Kyle Birthday

Cameron ordered his favorite

Cameron had what he always picks ~

Spaghetti Bolognese (with Meat!!)

Like father Like Son

David With Kyle

Gosh David Looks Very Tired ~

not surprising considering how many late nights we have had!!!

Fish n Chips

Kyle Had His Favorite

Kyle Picked Chips n Fish ~

which is what he calls Fish n Chips!

Back at our Motorhome

Cuddles with Kyle – Back at our Motorhome

Back at home for Cake Time!

Birthday Cake

Kyle;s Birthday Cake

We Purchased a Sponge Cake ~

Soon I will making his Cake Kit that arrived today in the Post}

so I guess you could say his Birthday is going to be celebrated twice!!!

Family celebrations

He Was Happy to have his Cake

eating a birthday cake

Cameron LOVES desserts/Cakes

I reckon he could have eaten the whole cake!!

It was a great night out, and one that we all enjoyed. Still think of him as being my little baby.

Happy 8th Birthday To Kyle.

Its a shame his biggest brother is out at Sea and couldn’t celebrate it with us, but we will catch up with him some other time to celebrate at a later date…..does that mean Kyle will get three cakes?

Thanking you for following our Journey.



New Life on the Road.

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