Happy Birthday David

Today is your Birthday, which seems really weird because I am actually sitting here writing this blog post for you yesterday {which is today at this very minute!!!}

Confused yet? Yeah me too….

But you see I can’t actually write this on your Birthday because we are going to be in a car on the road travelling for about 4 hours before we reach our destination. And our destination has no power, no phone service, no running water and is something I am so looking forward to.

Weird way to spend your Birthday…

But anyway Happy Birthday David!

Why Will Be Offline?

Well its simple really….David, being who he is, will do anything for his family. And that means travelling half the morning to be with his oldest son and to meet his oldest son Girlfriend Family…whose Dad also happens to have a Birthday in the same Month {and whose party we are going to} then that is what he will do.

To David,

Happy Birthday to the best Father, Best Husband and to my best friend….

We have been married for over 19 years, have five incredible funny, loud, messy, kind hearted crazy boisterous boys who drive us both nuts us to achieve more and who we really do love! and lots of good times together. We have also had NOT so good times! But this New Life of ours has tested us, broken us, mended us, healed us, ripped us apart, bought us back together, tested us, made us really search deep within for our dreams, question us and even almost pulled as apart forever. THIS year has been the most soul searching year we both have been on, the hardest and yet the easiest year ever.

And we have discovered what each other wants from life, for ourselves and for us together.

WE  have shared deep secrets, revealed lost loves, shared our love of life, spent time apart to realise we needed to be together as one and have discovered our love for each other can stand the test of time.

When we got married we both wanted six children – {three girls and three boys} we settled for five boys.

We both wanted to Travel Australia – you in a Tent……me in anything but a tent! We settled for a Motorhome.

We both never discussed how we would write down our dreams and set out to achieve them – something we have been changing/working on this year.

We both give from the heart and wear our heart on our sleeves.

And we both want what is best for our boys, even if they don’t think we have their best interest at heart {teenagers!!!}

Happy Birthday David


Kyle wanted you to lay down with him the other night,

to read a book,

I wonder who fell asleep the fastest?

This is why I love you so much…..You will do anything for your boys.

I want to let you know that I have love you deeply, I love you more, more than you will know.

And I Can’t Wait To See Your Face Tomorrow.

You surprised me with the Best Wedding Anniversary Gift this year {can’t wait to see what you do next year to top it!}, I surprised you with Fathers Day and now I am surprising you with something that you will not believe that I could pull off…..

Happy Birthday David.

Love you lots

Lisa xxx

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