Happy Birthday To Our Youngest Son

Gosh time just keeps flying, years seem to be going faster and faster!! Nine years ago I gave birth to my baby son, our fifth son….and it was the best birth we had!. Happy Birthday to Kyle!

Happy Birthday To Our Youngest Son ::

I never ever go early with our babies, actually I am always two weeks Late with all of our babies….and this time was no different…. we waited and we waited. We had stopped answering the phone towards the end because I was so over people asking “Are you Still Pregnant?”

We both wanted our baby to come….I visited a Natural Path who gave me “Pressure Points” massages and LOTS of health drops to take to help put me into labour.

Your Birth Story ::

A week before you came I was having a “Lavender Bath” when I felt my waters break.

But a check up at the hospital that night couldn’t “prove” that my waters had broken via all the testing they do so we went home – I was also not sure because my waters have never ever broken before going into labour with your four brothers.

The hospital gave us a little more time to see if you would come…..and gave us an induction date. They also gave us an ultrasound and yep there was no water left around you.

They also made me cry – the ultrasound guy said that you was measuring big. Really big. I was so upset because I had been so very careful with what I had eaten for the nine months,  working out and walking all of the time. Way more careful because your brother before you was 10IB 11oz and I was worried we would have a 11Ibs baby!!

After the induction date was set, I had to ring around and organise your three bigger brothers to be picked up and taken to their footy games.

Maybe that was all we needed – a date, footy games set, family with us to help out….because that night I went into labour.

I remember sending your daddy to bed with your brother Cameron, and ask your other brothers to go to sleep.

I remember saying “Not sure if this is it or false labour” {again} Then I sat on a yoga ball in the bathroom, with a rug wrapped around me, heater on the hottest setting. I was so very cold, and the pains kept coming every five minutes.

It got to the point where my feet were so very cold so I woke up Dad to ask him to put socks on my cold feet!! Dad took one look at me, felt my very tight belly and threw all of our stuff into the car. He told Grandma and Grandad he was taking me and that it was time.

{How did your Daddy know that it was time for you to come?}

The hospital drive was so very hard….I had the “pain” coming every 4 minutes and they were strong daddy drove  as fast as possible!! At the hospital the Security Guard joked with us and asked us not to have baby in car park, or the lift!

The midwives all took one look at me and realised you were coming, and you were coming fast.  They hooked us up to all of their machines and you were not doing too well…you showed signs of being in distress….my temperature was down so very low so they placed a hot blanket over me and left the room to organise a doctor to come and see me. Because it was in the middle of the night they were short staffed.

No sooner had they walked out of  the room and I started to push you out….but no-one could see because of the heavy big blanket over me {which was making me feel so sick because it was too heavy}

With the second “surge” and the second “Push” I grabbed Dad’s hand and told him that I was “Pushing baby out” – actually I think that by this time I was screaming it out loud!!

Dad didn’t know what to do so I told him to “get the midwives back by pushing the button and don’t let go till they come back”

As the midwife walked in the door, I screamed again “I am Pushing”

She was like “You cant be, your only 4cm”

As she pulled back the blanket she could see your head coming….she started to panic and said to your Dad “See that button there, push it and don’t let go to I have the doctors here”

Then she grabbed a glove, screaming at me “Don’t Push, Stop Pushing, Don’t Push”

Dad was in one ear saying the same thing…..but you had your own birth plan. I was just there….being your Mum.

After wards I found out that your cord was wrapped around your head three times and she was trying to get it off as fast as possible because you were coming out far too fast….

And you were tiny, you were not big like that meany Ultrasound guy said you would be! You were only 8IB 3oz…..you had red hair!! That spun all of us out, our first baby with red hair.

From that day on our lives were changed, for the better. It was like you completed our family. It was like you were meant to be….

Nine years have gone, nine years??? Gosh I can’t believe you little sweet man is now 9 years old.

Happy Birthday To our Youngest Son ::

Happy 9th Birthday Kyle


Science Kit


You have the kindest sweetest heart, full of adventure, full of mischief and full of life.

Birthday Cake


Cheesecake Birthday Cake


You were born ready for this world” – that sums you up, and its your favorite saying.

You say it all the time…..” I was born ready” – Where did you hear that saying? Not sure but it sure fits your personality.

I am so glad to be your Mum, so glad you are part of our Woody Family.

Thanking you Kyle, and Happy Birthday with all of my love

Mummy xxx

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