Having Dinner With Family

Last night we all got dressed up and went out for dinner. It was so nice because usually we go out with a few of our boys, or just David and I got for dinner. Having Dinner With Family means the world to me. dinner with five our boys plus hubby and I at Nambour RSL was the best way to celebrate Hayden last few days with our family.

Having Dinner With Family At Nambour RSL

All of our boys had a shower without any issues…actually they were almost ready before I was – even though I am the girl in the family I usually can get ready really quickly! Not this time….I was drying my hair while everyone was asking “Can we go now”. So yes I went to dinner with damp hair, a big smile and my whole family was with us!! Do you like Having Dinner With Family and going out somewhere special?

Our Favorite Places

 We love Hogs Breath Cafe but we didn’t know where any Hogs Breath Cafes were near us. So we went to Nambour RSL for the very first time. It was actually a nice place to go for dinner. The meals were $10.00 for kids meals about $15,00 to $25.00 for adults meals. We actually got three kids meals for free because we brought four meals over $15.00 each!! We didn’t even realise about the special deal 🙂

Food At Nambour RSL

 Having Dinner With Family

 Prawn Vegetables Stir Fry

Zachery had Fettuccine with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Chicken

Having Dinner With Family

  David had Vegetarian Curry – with white rice and Poppadoms

Having Dinner With Family

Hayden had the Seafood Basket

Having Dinner With Family

 Cameron enjoying his Kids Spaghetti Bolognese

Dinner For Seven

Amazing how much food there was for each of us. Kyle and Nicholas had fish and chips – or as Kyle calls it “Chips and Fish” and Cameron had Spaghetti Bolognese. Hayden had the seafood basket, and Zachery had Fettuccine with sun-dried Tomatoes and Chicken. David had the Vegetarian Curry. I had the Prawn Stir Fry Vegetables. We even had a garlic bread to share before dinner.

Playing Games

While we waited for dinner to be brought to our table, David and Kyle disappeared. I went searching for them, and found they were at the chocolate vending machine. Three games later and they both walked away with 12 Chocolate bars and grins from ear to ear!!

Good Times Were Had by All

The boys enjoyed themselves so much….they were so quiet as they tucked into their food. It was a good evening – I got to spend time with my family, and they got to have a yummy dinner! I reckon next time I am going to try the Vegetarian Curry and Zachery wants to try the Pizzas. Cameron wants the Spag Bolognese, and Kyle (bein Kyle) wants his “Chips n Fish”. Nicholas was still hungry after eating his meal so his keen to give anything from the menu a go 🙂

Out at dinner

 Our oldest boy – we have spent the last few days having fun together as a family – for that I am so grateful

Spending Time with our boys

 A Rare moment – a photo of our second boy – he didn’t realise I had the camera ready…..I will treasure this photo – he is so camera-shy at the moment.

Family Dinner time

 Nicholas – he was still hungry after eating his Fish n Chips – and Zachery couldn’t eat all of his meal – so Nicholas got to fill his belly up with two meals…gee boys sure can eat!

Having Fun

 This is our youngest – Kyle!! He is so funny…his latest saying is “I Love You All Around Town, Now, How, Cow” – not sure where he got that one from!

Winning A Raffle

When we walked into Nambour RSL they had a Raffle. I didn’t even realise that David had brought any raffle tickets, as we don’t eat a lot of meat (mostly we are vegetarians – with only eating fish once a week, and maybe chicken every now and then). He brought 5 Raffle Tickets – and yep we won a one of the prices…lucky for us we got to choose so we picked out a chicken tray. It was a tray of two huge chickens and then a small try of chicken legs. It was a great way to end the night – Having Dinner with Family, listening to live music, letting the kids play in the play room, having a few drinks and winning a raffle!

Looking Forward To Monday

Hayden is looking forward to Monday. We are looking forward to spending morning tea with him. He sure has grown up – he has decided that because he has to be there by 7.00 in the morning, and us parents don’t have to be there until 9.30am that he is going to catch the train in early, and we can come in later. That means we can get all of our boys ready to head into Brisbane – and everyone can give lots of hugs to each other before he heads to Melbourne for 11 weeks of training.

  • Location – Nambour RSL Matthew Street Nambour – Phone number (07) 5441 2366
  • Menu – specialises in cooked-to-order contemporary cuisine, innovative a-la-carte meals and fresh gourmet pizzas, all served to your table.
    Kids Menu – A variety of kids meals for $10.00 – with a free drink and ice-cream
  • Restaurant Hours
  • Lunch Daily

              From 12pm – 2pm

  • Dinner

             Sunday 5.30pm – 8pm

            Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday  6pm – 8pm

            Friday & Saturday  5.30pm – 8.30pm

Have You Spent Quality Time Having Dinner With Your Family?




Having Dinner at Nambour RSL  was New Life on the Road idea (and the woody boys wanted to go there!). All rights, views, photos and opinions are our own.

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6 thoughts on “Having Dinner With Family

  • October 15, 2011 at 8:24 pm

    I love quality family dinners. Something I recommend families to do after relocating. Builds connection and is a great time for communication.

    • October 15, 2011 at 9:31 pm

      Great idea Kama – having time together is so important especially when relocating.


  • October 15, 2011 at 8:54 pm

    So happy you got to have a nice dinner with your whole family before Hayden leaves. Won’t be long and he will be on leave and you can all go out again together.
    Jackie Stenhouse recently posted..Zombie Cupcakes

    • October 15, 2011 at 9:30 pm

      That is true Jackie – 11 weeks will fly by! He sure is super excited 🙂


  • October 17, 2011 at 9:10 am

    Hi Lisa,

    Great to see that you are living such a wonderful and interesting life. The food looks amazing! Hayden will be back in a while so no worries! Your articles are always interesting, cant wait for the next one!Thank you!

    Best regards,

    P.S Your heading ‘Playing Games’ has a little typo.
    Wilson recently posted..Wedding Suits For Groom

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