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So, you all know how we live in a motorhome, but did you know that David works in the caravan industry as either a builder or repairer? And did you know that we have purchased many parts from the caravan industry, especially when he worked for a company down in Wollongong?

He works in the caravan industry but he doesn’t own a caravan, weird hey! Our awning arms that we have attached to our awning to make it safer in the wind was purchased from the company down south. If there is one item you must have for your awning to help it stay stronger {not saying it will keep it from snapping in extra strong winds} it’s the attachable awning arms – it really helps considering how long our awning extends.

Inside our motorhome is our rooftop air-conditioner. Which has two air filters that we have again replaced through where David used to work – he was given such a great deal with parts that we tried to get as much replaced as possible while we could.

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I am down South in Sydney, to finish off my diploma for Remedial Massage Course – and I was not looking forward to having to pack so many clothes for the colder weather. Can’t believe we spent two years in the Wollongong area, can’t believe we have camped right next to a spot where the snow was just over the other side of the mountain – gosh did we have a wonderful time on that crazy fun filled trip in our campervan.

Fixing Caravans


Now we know how to keep warm when camping in tents/campervans – I would rather be driving down to Sydney but I don’t have the time. While I am away, I am hoping that David will be able to finish off something that needs replacing inside our motorhome – the paint on the ceiling on the inside is peeling off and needs re-doing!! If he doesn’t get the time then I will have to tackle that job when I get back.

If you have followed our blog for some time, you would have seen that David has replaced the suspension in our motorhome. It was a huge job and meant that we were up on blocks while it was being repaired. It was scary walking into the motorhome/out of the motorhome while it was on blocks – not something I recommend to a family with kids.

You would also know that David has repaired the brakes – one of the biggest rookie mistakes Caravan Owners do is not have their van serviced. Did you know that your caravan must be serviced regularly – brakes checked, wheel bearings checked and suspension checked?

You have no idea how many caravans David has looked at that have never ever been serviced. The customer comes to work with something that needs fixing/repairing/changing inside the van and they are asked when it was last serviced.

They all shake their heads – no one in the workshop can believe that a caravan has been driven that much without having their wheel bearings checked, let alone the brakes.

It’s important to think about how far you have traveled, or if it’s been longer than three years, to make sure your caravan is booked in for a service. And don’t get me started on how many Caravan owners do not know about how much weight they can carry in their vans… YEP, cupboards are so full and overflowing that they can’t be carrying the legal weight restrictions.

Oh, I still remember the time David had to work on a cupboard and to get to the back of the cupboard he pulled out 47 TOWELS – Kid you not. Who carries that many towels for two people in one cupboard?!!!

There was one time in Sarina Caravan Park that a lady was having her caravan moved there from another area, but couldn’t back the van in so David was asked to help.

Well, our 4wd Vehicle couldn’t move it – YEP we had a Pajero 4WD and it couldn’t move the van because it was too heavy. They had to get another heavier vehicle and slowly tow it into position – there is no way that caravan would have been safe on the roads, let alone under the weight restrictions.

Did you realise that your vehicle/caravan insurance will not cover you in an accident if it was discovered that the van was over the weight of what it legally can be loaded up with? So, check your Aggregate Trailer Mass{ATM}, Your Gross Trailer Mass{GTM}, and Tare and Tow Ball Maximum. The information for all your van weights should be on a placard, usually found in the front boot, on the A-frame or in the door well.

If you are not sure how much your Van is weighing when fully loaded up then you need to take it over the weigh bridge – most big Council Refuse Places have scales that you are able to drive over to get your weights – better safe than sorry.

I could keep on going – maybe David should write a book about the ins and outs of caravans for owners who need to know what is required to keep you safe on the roads, to keep the maintenance of caravans so that everyone stays safe on the roads!

What is your funny caravan story?



New Life on the Road

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