Hill End Glendora Campground

After our Second Sons Navy Job Training Graduation {he has now done basic training and job training before heading to Perth WA} we came back to our motorhome to pack for our camping trip weekend!

We knew it was going to be cold so we packed a LOT of clothes to be able to layer at night time, and Jumpers to keep warm…..actually I probably could have packed more clothes cause it was really cold at night time {it got down to below -0 temperatures!!}

Glendora Campground


We had a LOT to get ready on the Thursday afternoon before leaving early Friday morning to head to Hill End. Shopping for food and cleaning out the back of our Campervan – it must have leaked water because there was mold growing on the Box that we pack our stuff into.

Mind you we didn’t leave early and hit peak hour traffic….holy molly where did the traffic come from? We only made it to the Blue Mountains before we pulled over and had to stop for a lunch break!

watching movies


Lunch and Toilet Break


We didn’t get far in our Travels on the Friday – here we stopped at Woodford NSW for a toilet break and Lunch! Due to the Heavy Traffic we were wondering how we were going to get back onto the Highway but it was no issue!

By the time we did get to the Campground ALL of us was sick and tired of the Campervan, we felt like we were never ever going to get there….and the road seemed never ending. Setting up tents and getting ready for dinner was a nice break and one we all got into with happiness – it was meant to be a 4 hour road trip and it ended up being seven hours long!

Glendora Campground NSW

Glendora Campground

We had enough cash on us to pay for the first night, and then the next two nights we went into the Tourist Information Center and paid by eftpos – you can get cash out at the Pub in town but it doesn’t open up to after 11.00 am….and seeing as how we wanted to tour the Museum at the Visitor Centre it was easier to pay for both Camping/Museum at the same time.

Exploring Hill End


Hill End Glendora Campground ::

Its a bit confusing how much to pay because its says on the Envelope Per Person on one side and per vehicle on the other side…but we soon worked out that the Camping Fee for 3 adults {our second son is now classed as a adult!!!} and 2 children was $29.00 Per Night.

With Hot Showers for $2.00 {we worked out that we could shower with only using one coin each time}

Toilet Facilities

BBQ areas

Fire Pits

Water for washing Up {not sure if it is for drinking water because there was no sign?}

Fire Pits to keep us warm


The hi-light was sitting around the Fire Pit…keeping us warm while eating dinner. There is something about a Fire – Soothing!

Eating dinner


Look how happy he is!! And so grubby ~ He loved every minute of his camping outdoor adventure and the smile says it all – yep he is dirty from his face down to his hands but that’s the beauty of camping!


Easter weekend


Even though we were out Bush for Easter Sunday, the Bunny still manage to hide his Eggs and give both boys a Easter Hunt 🙂

Cold Morning


It was very early on Easter Sunday, very cold but both our boys enjoyed looking for tiny eggs and then each was given a Easter Bunny ~ their excitement was contiguous 🙂

All in All our weekend Camping adventure in Hill End Glendora Campground provided a great moment in time with our second son who got to spend quality time with his Dad, quality time with his two youngest brothers and I loved spending time with him – Loved seeing him laughing and having fun with us ~ and loved that he was with family before his first deployment!

There was only so much time over the weekend to explore so we fitted as much in as possible :: Discovery Centre, General Store, Spilt Rock and Kissing Point Lookout, Museum, Golden Gully, Cemetery, Fossicking Area {we had so much fun with our Gold detector}, Valentines Mine, Quartz Roasting Pits, Merlins Hill Lookout, and walking through the town to read as many of the 80 photographs that are erected at each site {from when the Town Boomed}

We would love to return another time, maybe stay in town or find a place to free camp because we feel like a weekend is not long enough to explore Hill End.

It was good to show our sons a place that David used to visit with his family as a young child….it was good that the road from Sofala to Hill End is nearly all bitumen instead of dirt road all the way! David remembers driving along a very bumpy road in his Families car, with his Mum who was scared of the roads…he used to LOVE to tell her to look down, look how high up they were {not sure how David ever survived his childhood years with his endless sense of humor!!!}

Have You Been To Hill End?

Have you stayed camping at Hill End Glendora Campground?

Where would you recommend exploring when we go back?

Not sure our Motorhome would cope with such a bumpy winding narrow road trip but David reckons it would be fine {yeah he is crazy}

I am really surprised with how well I coped with Camping, and how much fun I had….guess I am a camping girl at heart but didn’t know it, or maybe I am now realizing that creating memories with our family is so important.

Thanks For Letting Us Share Our Weekend At Hill End.

Location ::

  • Glendora campground is 1km northwest of Hill End centre on the way to Bald Hill lookout.
  • To get there from Beyer’s Avenue, turn onto Lees Lane.

Important INFORMATION ::

Its a campsite with 40 sites, its first in first served basis – no-pre booking available

Its a very POPULAR spot during School Holidays – we were very late and was fortunate to find a great spot but by the time we were almost set up the place was nearly packed.

There are powered sites and un-powered sites {we wanted a weekend with family so we chose not to have power}

It can take Caravans, Camper trailer site, and tents. Not sure how you would go with a Motorhome? Depends on how game you are!!

Glendora Campground Information <—– Click on those words to be taken to NSW National Parks Hill End Historic Site page for more details.



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Hill End Glendora Campground

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