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Not sure if I updated about our latest Homeschooling News? Thought I better get everyone up to date with what we are doing regards homeschooling!

Homeschooling New Life on the Road Style

Since we are stopped for a time in one spot (hurry up hubby and finish the job already!!) we have two children attending schools. Nicholas is loving Grade 8 at High school and Cameron is in Grade 5 at Primary School. Did you all notice how I left out the words “Loving Grade 5“? Well that is because he only goes to school for the friends, he doesn’t actually go for the education. And now that a few issues have happened with one boy hitting him a little bit too much (the kid thinks its funny?) he is not too keen to keep on going. The school camp that is coming up soon is the only reason why he is still at the school.

If we hadn’t paid for the camp, and if he wasnt so excited about the camp we wouldn’t even be sending him anymore. Today he actually stayed home and caught up on his homeschooling books.

Kyle (our youngest and by far our cutest!) is homeschooled. He did attend the local school but he could not handle the school yard bullies. One kid decided that it would be fun to take Kyle’s lunch everyday and to also hit him (slapping him across the face). Kyle was too scarred to speak out about the incident and he refused to go back. So it made sense to keep him home where he is happier.

Homeschooling year 2

Kyle Homeschooling Books ~

A few of his books that were delivered the other day (sorry about the bad quality photo – need a new camera!)

Zachery is going through Tafe via Correspondence. He is officially meant to be in year 11 of highschool, yet is doing Access 10 through Tafe so that he can get his paperwork. He needs the paperwork for entry into the navy. Next year he will be doing grade 12. Again that is only for the paperwork ~ he has already completed most of his homeschooling work in his grades. Lucky him has a Photographic memory.

Our Latest Homeschooling Order

We have been using books for Kyle that we already had in our Motorhome. As well as books from book stores that we had purchased. It was time to purchase some more homeschooling books from Homeschooling Supplies Australia. While I was ordering Kyle’s Year 2 books I thought it was best to order Cameron’s Year 5 books so that he can catch up on his homeschooling work ~ making it easier for when he is no longer at the local primary school.

Lucky I did because today Cameron got stuck into his work and completed at least 5 hours of homeschooling!! Yeah – he wanted to complete four pages from each book. He was keen.

Kyle sat with us and completed five of his books.

Here Is Kyle’s List of Homeschooling Books ::

  • Successful English 2
  • Easy-learn Maths 2A
  • Learning Multiplication 1
  • Learn to Read, Write and Spell 5
  • Primary Science 1
  • Aesop’s Fables Years 1-3
  • Treasure Island Years 3-8

Maths Homeschooling Supplies

   Kyle Multiplication Book ~

Which he is loving!

Cameron homeschooling books

Cameron’s Homeschooling Book! 

Here is Camerons List of Homeschooling Books ::

  • Primary Science 5
  • Succeeding in Social Studies 4
  • Succeeding in Social Studies 5
  • Succeeding in Science 4
  • Easy Learn Maths 5A
  • Excellence in Reading Skills Year 5

Notice that some of the books have different numbers compared to the grades our boys are in? Cameron is in grade 5 yet can work with a level that suits his needs. Kyle is in Grade 2 (according to the school system) yet can work with any level that suits his needs. The homeschooling system is not based on a grade as such, but is a system that works with the childs level. So if they are bright in Maths then they can have a book that suits their ability. Yet if they are lacking in English (for an example) then they can go to a level that suits their ability. LOVE the flexibility of looking at each childs needs.

Also love that my boys are keen to learn! The books arrived last Friday (a week ago), and there was Cameron on the Saturday morning getting stuck into the Maths Books.

Kyle favorite book is Treasure Island. He loves the story and the questions at each chapter. Looking forward to finishing that book and keeping hold of it. He has even asked if he can keep the Book for “Bedtime Story’s”.

Cameron’s favorite book is Succeeding in Social Studies 4 and Easy Learn Maths 5A. Will be interesting to see how quickly he finishes the books.

Want to know more about our Homeschoooling News/Style and the way we teach? We have a Homeschooling section on our blog. If you can’t find what you need to know there, then let me know! Happy to answer any of your questions anytime.

With regards what our boys do each day……we let them decide. Sometimes they don’t even open up their books, other days they complete so much in one go that I have to make sure they get time away the next day from doing book work, and learn more via living life.

David is more keen on the book side of learning compared to me! I believe that “life teaches” them more than any book can.

One Question from Natalie via Facebook “What you do in place of a teacher to teach reading and writing

We use Reading Eggs, and Skwirk (which we havent logged onto in a while – will have to remember to give our boys more time online this week!) as well as reading ebooks that we have purchased for our Kindle. Will have to look up where David buys the Reading Ebooks for Kyle….he is learning to read the fun way.

Writing – we use handwriting books. Which has lines in the book and teaches Kyle how to keep within the lines. I also encourage him to write postcards, letters, and do lots of drawings. He usually ends up writing letters by asking us how to spell the word out loud, and then uses his ABC chart as guide. I find that is the best way for him to learn ~ with writing what he wants to!

Guess you could say that Cameron and Kyle has three teachers in our Motorhome – David, Zachery and I. We all take turns reading out loud to them, assisting with their book work and answering their questions.

David is really smart about a lot of topics and he shares his knowledge. Especially on the weekends while we are outside cooking dinner. I reckon that our boys learn more in less than 30 minutes with talking then they can through books!

Well Thats Our Homeschooling News.

Did You Have Any More Questions?



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