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How Can I Blog And Travel

Posted by on October 2, 2011

The other day I was amazed to get the comment How Can I Blog And Travel? Well its easy….I love talking, I love writing and I love Travelling so why not combine all three? I want to connect with other like minded people, people from places like Italy, Thailand, America, Tasmania, England, France….and even in Australia!

How Can I Blog And Travel?

Easily! I blog after we have been out and about. I blog to the wee hours of the morning…if you have a blog I am sure you do the same! I blog when my boys are having quiet time after we have been out and about. Here is an example of us travelling to a farmers market the other day on the Sunshine Coast…

How Can I Blog And Travel

Farmers Market

Farmers Market

Raw Food Organic Chocolate Slice

Going to The Beaches

We have even been to the Beaches at the Sunshine Coast! Yes I do go out and about with our five boys, and I can blog about it! There is no way that our boys would miss out on travelling – that is the whole idea of this blog! The whole idea of my family life! We want a different lifestyle and experiences for our boys that they will remember for ever!

Travelling and Blogging

Cameron at the Beach – after his brothers covered him with sand!

Meeting Friends for a BBQ Lunch

Yep we even love getting out and about and meeting friends for a BBQ Lunch. Friends that we would never have meet if we were not travelling and living in our motorhome :)

meeting another couple with their Motorhome

Meeting Bernhard and Cheryl – this is there Motorhome!

Having Friends Come to Us

The other day we were so lucky we had a bit of Italy come to us, Renovating Italy spent a great day with our family! Actually our kids got on so well with their kids that I am so looking forward to meeting up with them again soon!

Families Travelling on the Road

Cameron and Renovating Italy youngest son :)

Blogging and Travelling

Meeting New Friends – Friends that Will Last a lifetime!

That is How I Can Blog And Travel!

Do you blog and travel? If so share your blog below, and your stories of travelling :)




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14 Responses to How Can I Blog And Travel

  1. Jan Littlehales

    How wonderful that you blog as you travel – sharing your adventures with others as you go. In a lot of ways it’s like writing a diary – but not a private one :)
    Jan Littlehales recently posted..Food Blogging

    • Lisa

      Hi Jan,

      I love that I can blog as we travel. I hope that one day my Boys get to read out what we did, and where we have been. It is very much a online diary :)


  2. Kerry Lea

    What a great opportunity to be able to travel and blog. You will never run out of topics to blog about and as you have written, you and your family will have memories forever.
    Kerry Lea recently posted..Park Weddings

    • Lisa

      Hi Kerry,

      Our family is slowy getting used to the idea of travelling, and the benefits of our lifestyle. I love that I get to experience Australia and create memories that we can take with us forever.


  3. Rita Pepper

    Hi Lisa,
    I agree being able to be Blogging as you go, to look back and read again where you went to meet new friends and some times travel with them when you are going in the same direction can make a big difference.
    Rita Pepper recently posted..What is Blogging

  4. Rita

    Hi Lisa,
    It is wonderful being able to be Blogging as you go, to look back and read again where you went, how you felt in a particular area brings it all back to life.
    Rita recently posted..Blogging About Travel

    • Lisa

      Hi Rita,

      I am hoping that our boys will one day read the blog, and have fond memories of where they have been, and what they have been up to! I love blogging and I love travel – so combining the two is amazing.


  5. Lisa Chiodo

    Being a hoarder of memories it was inevitable that blogging would find me. It is the perfect mixture of journal, visual diary, movie night, letter writing, sharing and connecting.

    I have been telling everyone about our meeting and how I felt as if I’d known you all forever (hubby very miffed as he missed out!). There is almost no way we would have ever connected let alone met up without the joys of blogging. And yes would love to do it again!

    The most wonderful thing about the blog part of our adventure to Italy is that I now have readers telling me of their own dreams and how they are re inspired to create and follow them…I know this is a gift that you give people here at New Life on the Road!!

    Here’s to living the Dream…
    ciao lisa

    • Lisa

      Hi Lisa,

      I too feel like I have known you forever! Its amazing how well our kids played together…and we will have to catch up soon so that hubbies can meet up. I am so looking forward to following your journey of your travels as you embark on your dream of Renovating Italy. I would love to move overseas – that would be a blast!

      So good that we get to share our love of family and travel together.


  6. Jenny Locke

    Hi Lisa
    Your experiences are invaluable for other travelling families and it is a great way to connect with each other. Your children will be making new friends living in different places and think of the fantastic education they are receiving as you travel Australia.
    Jenny Locke recently posted..Make money blogging

    • Lisa

      Hi Jenny,

      Its so good that we get to experience Australia and our kids get to grow closer together! We are looking forward to the many different towns/cities that we are going to explore as we drive around Australia.


  7. Jackie Stenhouse

    You would have so much to blog about when travelling that it would be hard not to blog. I love following your stories and what you have been up to and I agree, it really does connect you with others.
    Jackie Stenhouse recently posted..Can You Really Make Money Out Of Blogging?

    • Lisa

      Hi Jackie,

      Thank you so much for your great support, and all of your great comments! Its a great place I am in at the moment – blogging and travelling :)


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