How To Build A Strong Bridge

We are parked next to a little creek which is just perfect for our family who love to be outside! Well most of our boys do. It’s also perfect because I can keep an eye on Kyle playing while I am still able to get the washing up done, sweep the floors, wash the clothes, and keep them quiet so David can sleep. Even our 16-year-old son has joined in on the fun.

How To Build A Strong Bridge

Zachery was watching his brothers trying to build a bridge. He was listening to them all talking about it yesterday afternoon. Before I could say anything he was into working out How To Build A Strong Bridge so that all of his brothers could easily climb over it without falling into the little creek.

Instead of explaining what he was doing, I thought I would show you in photos….

How to build a strong bridge

 The Beginning Of the Bridge ~

This was what the Bridge looked liked ~

Then Zachery started to build it stronger!

Building it stronger

 Giving it support on each side of the Arches!

changing it to make it stronger

 Adding Structure ~

to make it strong enough to stand on

making a kids bridge

 Adding Materials

using strong rope to tie it together

 Using String to Tie it together~

Washing Line string that we had lying around ~

Tied to Palm Tree Branches that our boys found on the ground

Making the bridge strong enough to walk on

 Getting there ~

Now its strong enough for Kyle To walk on!

Making a bridge

 The bridge is almost finished ~

Zachery has run out of Washing Line Rope 🙂

Building a Strong Bridge so that our boys can cross the creek ~ Mind you they already walk through it. What a great way to see children Homeschooling in the great outdoors. This was all of their own doing, their own imagination and their own skills come into play.

I reckon that boys thrive on the style of Homeschooling outside – as they get to build, explore, invent and create. Our boys prefer this way of learning, compared to book work. Its one area where David and I think differently – he thinks they should be learning by books(reading and writing) which I totally understand, but I can see our boys learning through outdoor playing.

Maybe they can’t sit long enough to write in their school books – but they can sit long enough to play in the creek….

learning by playing

 Kyle Playing in the Creek ~

playing and learning homeschooling

 Cameron leaning and playing!

I so wanted to take them to the beach today..but they want to play near the bus instead! And seen as how well they are playing together I decided to stay home (fingers crossed they are quiet enough for David to sleep!!)

Today I am able to watch our boys learning about How To Build A Strong Bridge with their big brother showing them…and I am learning about how to let my boys learn by playing – the best type of Homeschooling ever.

Do You Have Days When You Learn New Skills?



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