How We Cook Our Dinner In Our Motorhome

Depending on who is cooking will depend on How We Cook Our Dinner In Our Motorhome! As in depends on if David is cooking or I am cooking. I cook with either our Gas Cook Top, or our convection Oven. Whereas David will cook on the inside with his wok and gas top, or outside on the Choofer…he even made a plate to sit on the choofer!

Dinner In Our Motorhome Last Night

Last night I asked David if he could please cook dinner. I have been doing it for over a couple of weeks, with meals that I know, but I wanted something yummy – something different – something that he could cook.

We went shopping and meat was brought, salmon for me and even desert. We normally don’t buy desserts because they have so many colours, preservatives and added nasty ingredients. BUT we decided to try a Lemon Meringue Pie from the IGA.

How we cook our meals

David Cooking the Onions ~

on his new plate that he made!

Cooking outside our motorhome

Cooking the Lamb Chops and Onions!

Cooking Outside Means We Can Eat Outside

When David is cooking on the choofer we rug up and sit outside to eat. I love the feel of the open fire, and maybe it’s because we can sit down and relax! Actually after a busy morning I was almost asleep in front of the fire.

Cooking on the choofer

David cooking and eating ~

Having garlic Bread as a starter!

Cooking in our Motorhome

David cooking Salmon, Tofu, Lamb chops

Outdoor Meal

Salmon and Salad

David Dinner

Lamb Chop and Salad ~

Love eating healthy easy meals!

Sorry I forgot to take any photos of the desert!

But it sure was yummy.

How Do You Cook Your Dinner While On The Road Travelling? Be It In A Motorhome, Caravan, Camper Trailer or even tent!



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