I Am In Denial

I love this time of the year. Normally. I get so excited and I can’t wait to the actually day…but this year as I sit here thinking about what I should be doing to have Presents ready in time for the big day I Am In Denial.

Its not allowed to be only 14 days till Christmas??? No way!

I have not purchased any gifts for our boys, nor how I thought about what to get David. And you know what I don’t seem to care – I am not making a list, and not checking it twice…

Not even thinking about setting a day aside with no kids to go shopping.

I have seem to lost my Christmas Cheer. Maybe its cause I feel like I am stuck in a time warp, or stuck here but not here! Does that make sense? I also feel like that Christmas is not going to be Christmas until our older son returns next year. Maybe that is why I am not getting ready for the big day and why I don’t have any feelings of wanting to.

Yeah I need to get food sorted….

but that can wait another day – surely?

Yeah we are having the Christmas Day at my oldest son’s place – which I can’t wait because I can feel him when I am at his place, I feel like a bit of him is there.

Our Motorhome Dashboard


Yeah we have David’s Parents coming down from QLD to stay the week at our oldest sons place – which means I need to go back up there soon and get the place ready ~ aired out, sheets washed, more towels taken up there and stock the fridge.

new life gingerbread house



To the McDonough Family for making this amazing Gingerbread House for us

We are going to keep it till Hayden Gets home πŸ™‚

But again I don’t feel like its a huge priority and again I don’t have a set day where I feel like I need to get all of this done……guess you could say that I wished Christmas was already over with so that February can roll on in….not sure of the exact date our Oldest Woody Son returns but I think its either late February or early March.



Now With Christmas Cards ~

And Tinsel!!

Then our life can begin again.

So tell me – are you the organised one for Christmas or have you buried your head in the Sand like I have?

I Am In Denial

But It Will Be Christmas in 14 Days!!!!



New Life on the Road

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6 thoughts on “I Am In Denial

  • December 11, 2013 at 5:56 pm

    Hate to make things worse but apart from food I am organised…. first time ever!! LOL Will you be able to Skype your son on Chrissie day ? We have planned 2 Skype sessions with Bernard. One for our Chrissie day and one for his 24 hrs later . Cheer up , the spirit of Christmas is all you need xx:)

    • December 11, 2013 at 6:26 pm

      NOOOOO….I am not listening!! You are organised with everything? Good come and do my shopping!!!!

      I would love to be able to Skype our oldest son but he said if they are out at sea there is not enough internet connection for that to happen. Fingers are crossed that they will be pulled up somewhere and be able to chat via online or phone. It would make all of our Christmas so much better.

      Thanks Geri – I think once the day is over I will feel more at ease because its closer to having our oldest son return home xx

  • December 11, 2013 at 7:14 pm

    I understand just how your feeling Lisa, when your family is no longer all as one at Christmas it can lose some of the interest that we became accustomed to as our children were growing up.
    Our son has been in Afganastan for 2 months & will be there for another 6 before we get to see him. We will be sharing Christmas in Darwin with our youngest son, who has 2 small children.
    Life has many stages, & you I feel are entering the stage of your children becoming adults over the next few years & leaving home to start their own families. That stage for us was also hard to adjust to and at times can become quite an empty & lonely feeling.
    But when you move into the Grandparent stage……. life will become a very exciting time, so get ready for good family times ahead as they are very special times, believe me. We have 14 wonderful grandchildren to spoil rotten.

    All the best for Christmas


  • December 11, 2013 at 7:23 pm

    I’ve been reading your blog and posts for a while now Lisa and obviously Iove it! But, the first thing and most overwhelmingly wonderful impact I’ve felt from all of the posts is the incredibly,deep, plates overflowing with love throughout all of your family. Your words, the pictures, the smiles on everyone’s face. My point is that Christmas is quite filled and blessed for all of you already. And I have no doubt that you will pull off all of our shopping and food prep in grand style and with immense satisfaction! I too will be keeping my fingers crossed for you to able to talk to your seabound son on Christmas! πŸ™‚
    Mike recently posted..How Street Racing Changed My Life And Was A Shoot To Thrill

  • December 12, 2013 at 3:56 am

    Hi Lisa

    First time here.

    Christmas is just another day I know, but others count on making it special. I am sure your son would want you to have a good time even though he can’t be there.

    My neighbor lost his son which was home on leave from the marines to a senseless car accident in which his brother was driving. They have not lit their Christmas lights this year, even though they have small grand children. I know they are in pain this year but I am sure their son would not have wanted them to put life on hold.

    Both of my husband’s and my parents have been gone for many years. Christmas is not the same and I hold fond memories of the years we could take the trek of a thousand miles to visit them. It is now a quiet time of year and it is just different.

    Wishing you lots of joy at Christmas.

    Mary Stephenson recently posted..December And The Chill Of The Winter Air


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