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Illawarra Homeschooling Group Meet Ups

Posted by on August 2, 2013

Since we are staying put in one place {for too long far as I am concerned!!} we have connected with the most amazing Homeschooling Group in the whole of Australia…..Illawarra Homeschooling Group Meet Ups happen on every second Tuesday, every second Thursday and we have Auskick every Wednesday.

Illawarra Homeschooling Group Meet Ups ::

We don’t mind travelling so we happily travel anywhere – from down to Minnamurra to even Thirroul – we are happy to see as much of the Wollongong area as possible!! And we love meeting other homeschoolers.

Thirroul Beach

This is at Thirroul Beach

We sit in the Playground

Thirroul Beach Pool

 We sit in the Playground ~

while the homeschooling group children have fun

Playing on the Flying Fox

Kyle loves the flying fox

We stay to the very last minute at this playground! Our boys love meeting up the other homeschoolers, and having fun!

Gorgeous Minnamurra

The Beach View at Minnamurra

Love Walking Across To See This ~

Again the Homeschooling group is in the Playground so I make sure we walk to this view before coming home!

Homeschooling Tuesday Group

Beautiful Beach Views

There is something soothing about the Beach ~

And we also love meeting up with Tuesday Homeschooling Group.

just before we head home

sun is going down time to go home

We have been so very fortunate to be here in Wollongong, meeting other Homeschoolers….our days are now full and we are able to see our boys social skills come into play, and we are hearing from other families how they homeschool.

Do You Meet Other Homeschoolers For Group Meet Ups?

Thanking you for following our Journey.



New Life on the Road.

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8 Responses to Illawarra Homeschooling Group Meet Ups

  1. Muza-chan

    Beautiful photos :)
    Muza-chan recently posted..A Japanese Song per Day: KOH+ – Kiss Shite

  2. Marcia

    This is a great way to make sure your children meet others of the same age and interact socially, and a stunning location for a meetup.
    Marcia recently posted..Everald Brown Dove Harp – Jamaica

  3. Leigh

    In my mind homeschooling has got to be challenging. I think meet-ups like this sound fantastic – good for parents and kids and who knows what you might pick up from others. What a lovely part of the world to be exploring!
    Leigh recently posted..Baffin Island Backpacking: Across the Arctic Circle in Photos

  4. Dana Carmel @ Time Travel Plans

    I absolutely love Meetups. I participate in a monthly volunteering meetup and in a monthly book club meetup. Glad that you’re able to connect with other homeschoolers so that you can share challenges and ideas!
    Dana Carmel @ Time Travel Plans recently posted..Cappadocia: Selime Monastery

  5. Little Gumnut

    somehow I forget that you are homeschooling the boys in amongst all of the other things you do! Great that you can find groups to meet up with wherever you are.
    Little Gumnut recently posted..An emerald in the custard

  6. Seana - Sydney, Kids, Food + Travel

    Hello, what lovely photos of your area. My sister home educated her twins for all of primary school and they had a great social life. I can really see the attractions, 1:1 is such a great way to teach and experiential learning lasts the longest.
    Seana – Sydney, Kids, Food + Travel recently posted..Brain Boosting Podcasts For Mums – Guest Posting at Village Voices

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