Illawarra Light Railway Museum

On Mothers Day I had a few requests from our Boys. I did not want to be given stuff that I did not need! It was more about wanting an experience.

illawarra Light Railway Museum

My number one request was to have peace n quiet,

My number two request was to go somewhere we have not been to before!

My number three request was to spend time with all of my boys.

Ended Up Here ::

At the entrance to the Museum

Wallaby Train

At the Entrance to the Light Railway Museum

We started the morning off slow, with Breakfast being cooked so that I could eat in bed, and it was so peaceful. Then about lunch time we headed over to Illawarra Light Railway Museum because I knew that the steam trains were going to be running. And our boys were keen to experience Mini Trains.

At the Steam Trains

David and Cameron looking at the Parts of Trains

Our older two boys have been to Mackay Mini Trains when they were little (years ago) so it was good to be able to share this day with our younger three boys. Even though Nicholas was “too old” to ride the Mini Trains (according to him) I was happy to jump on!

The Bigger Steam Train ::

We even rode the bigger train – Jumping aboard twice to sit in different carriages.

Steam Train

Waiting to Board the Train

David and Kyle riding the Steam Train

Riding one of the carriages of the Steam Train

We Rode the Steam Train ~

Twice. Sitting in Different Compartments!

Because it was Mothers Day they had a special Mothers Day pass – which we we worked out was good value.

Its free to enter the Light Railway Museum, where they have picnic tables and playground equipment. It only cost to ride the Steam Train and the Miniature  Trains. We are going to go back because we ran out of time for the Museum and our boys would love to be able to spend more time running around.

Nicholas Cameron and Kyle

Sitting behind the Drivers Carriage

Illawarra Steam Train

Steam Train

All in all it was a great Mothers Day out!

And my requests? Yes I got peace n quiet on Sunday Morning with Breakfast in Bed, we went to somewhere we have not been to before, and we drove into Sydney that night for dinner with my older son.  I was so very grateful to have a day with my family and new adventures. Its what “New Life on the Road” is all about.

034 (800x533)

Sitting on the Mini Train ~

With Cameron and Kyle

What Was Your Mothers Day Like?

Have You Been To the Light Railway Museum?

Location ::

The museum is located at 48a Tongarra Road, Albion Park Rail on the Southern side of the Illawarra regional airport. The museum is a 100 km drive south of Sydney and a 20 minute drive south of Wollongong.

Entry to the museum grounds is free. Located inside the museum grounds is a large car park along with free wood fired barbeques and toilet facilities

Thanking you for following our Adventures.



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