Is History Repeating Itself

This morning I was fast asleep when I should have been awake and driving Zachery to work. David got home from work and he offered to take him. I was that tired (after pulling some late nights working online) that I kindly accepted.

I still had to be up though as I needed to pick up Nicholas from Highschool at 8.00 am this morning.  S**T I went back into a deep sleep, and had a nightmare. Thank god I had the nightmare as it woke me up….to read on my phone that it was 8.10 in the morning! I quickly woke David (hate when I do that) and said “Did you pick up Nicholas as well as dropping off Zachery”

He was so groggy – lack of sleep and too many hours working.  He let me know that didn’t get Nic and that he had forgotten about him!

I quickly got dressed and flew out the door. Toilet stop first, and then into the car. Drove to the High School – and there he was….the only Army Cadet standing there waiting, in his uniform, with all of his pack. The most on the time slackest Mum in the World…

Is History Repeating Itself

Nicholas with his Full Army Cadets Gear

Is History Repeating Itself or what?

I am proud that he wanted to join the Army Cadets. I am proud that he is now settled in High School and is finding his way in the world. We still have a long way to go with him, and he still has a lot to work through. His temper is still really strong, and he sure lets us know when he is really upset (still waiting for the Caravan Park to tell us to be quiet!!)

But there is hope. He is so much like his Older Brother – who went all through the same issues. And is now happy, settled and in a career that he loves. We are hoping the same for Nicholas – to be settled within and happy. We are hoping that his temper screaming matches will soon be a thing of the past. We are hoping that he finds his true purpose in life.

Army Cadets

Kyle wanted a photo with him and Nicholas!

Did I Think This Was Going To Happen?

Never ever in a Million years did I think we would have five boys, with one in the Navy, our second son Zachery wanting to join the Navy and now Nicholas wanting to join the Army (as a marine specialist or transport driver). It’s not a career choice I would have made for them, and not something that I like. But who am I to tell them what direction to take in life?

I was never given any guidance or direction in High-School in what to do as a Career. I was never shown how to save money, and never given goals to work towards. Yet I am so over the moon that my boys have worked that out – with hardly any input from us. They have just seen what we have done, and applied the techniques far better than we have. David has spoken to them a few times about saving money, and shared books that he thought would be good for them to read.

Yet with their eye rolling, and their non-commitment we didn’t think that they got what were saying. But gee they must have – as our oldest now has enough saved to buy a car with cash. Zachery wants to work to save up for his own Computer/Mobile Phone. Nicholas wants to do join the Army because he has a passion with Boats/Vehicles and thinks that can he can chase his dream within the Army.

Cameron and Kyle – will they are still too young to know what they want to do….but I am guessing it will have nothing to do with the Military. Cameron does not like Guns, and Kyle is so “Out-There” that I reckon he will probably end up joining the Circus, or something that is crazy and fun 🙂

Is History Repeating Itself?

I guess it is and in a way it’s not. I am so proud that Nicholas is following Big Brother footsteps. And I am so proud that I now know that he will be ok….our older son taught us so much about how to be a parent to our boys – when we are left struggling with issues that we don’t know how to handle.

I am not good with Temper Tantrum screaming Teenagers but because this is not our first teenager I am getting better at learning skills that help us all to cope – walking away is a good one! And trying to ignore the behaviour while its happening is the only way to get it to stop faster.

Our boys are happier when they are kept busy – will share more about why Nicholas has gone to highschool soon – and when there mind is active.

being grateful

Nicholas going to High School!

For the moment homeschooling is not able to provide them the stimulation that they need.  They are very active boys and getting them to keep still is not something that we can do. So going out and exploring places works well. Sending them to school, even if it’s not for the full year, is one option that the three of them are keen to do.

This time history is changing – I didn’t listen too well to our older son wish to stay at high school. Which I guess is a good thing because he is able to chase his dreams sooner rather than later. But this time History is different. We have the same situation as our older son, yet I am listening to Nicholas. Yes he is telling me that he finds High school boring, and hates going. Yet every morning he is up, dressed, lunch packed and ready to go before I am even out of bed. So I guess he is enjoying his social interaction with other kids his own age.

history repeating itself

Nicholas with his Webbing !

It’s also keeping him out of trouble!

Here are Same and The differences We Have:-

  • Our older son struggled in high school with studies
  • Nicholas is the same – he can do the work but prefers not to!
  • Our older son joined the Army Cadets in Grade 8 of high school and worked his way up through the ranks really quickly
  • Nicholas has joined the Army cadets in Grade 8 of high school – not sure if he will stick with it but sure hoping he will get something out of it!
  • Our older son got into the loud crowd in high school – and was more interested in Girls/Sports
  • Not sure if Nicholas will do the same – only time will tell!
  • Our older son used to tease his brothers all day long – until they snapped (especially Zachery!)
  • Nicholas does the same to Kyle – and yep Kyle has learnt to hold his own 🙂

But the difference is this time around we are more ready for it. Not to say that we like having to deal with teenager hormones, but we are able to look back on what we didn’t do the right way with our older son, and work out how to handle it better.   Living in our Motorhome is able to provide that experience!

Some days are a breeze, other days I am left a shaking mess after one of his Nicholas temper fits. Lets hope that as he is more settled and gets more into finding his place in our family (in the world) that the temper is gone!

Lets hope that History does repeat itself in our family, but in a different way!  I am happier within and I am hoping that it rubs off onto them. I am learning and changing (with new ways of parenting) so I am hoping that our boys can see different ways of being.

Bring on the history – as it makes our family complete!

is History Repeating Itself in Your Family?


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6 thoughts on “Is History Repeating Itself

  • May 13, 2012 at 3:56 pm

    Wow, interesting to hear how living with teenagers works out!! Amazing that three of them sre keen on the armed forces.
    Little Gumnut recently posted..In brief

    • May 15, 2012 at 10:18 pm

      I know – never ever did I think this would be want they wanted…two in the navy and one in the army!
      We sure have strong personality boys, who know what they want, and let us know when they want it 🙂


  • May 14, 2012 at 2:03 am

    Living with temper tants in a park must be a challenge. Our two children were totally different in the way they handled the teenage years – no repeating ourselves at our place. You will be experts by the time all your boys are grown!
    jan recently posted..Not the Albaicin again!

    • May 15, 2012 at 10:20 pm

      Yep sure is a huge challenge! Some days are really good – other days!!

      We are hoping (with double fingers crossed) that we sure know what to do when Kyle hits the teenage years 🙂


  • May 15, 2012 at 9:32 am

    I totally understand the challengers of directing your children and you really are doing a very good job.
    I did it a lot differently than my parents and was told all the time i was doing it wrong.

    I did it on my own from when my eldest son was an 11yo my daughter was 9 and my youngest son was 4.

    My children are also all very different and yes they did have their “problems” But, today I could not be prouder all of my kids doing very well in their chosen fields.

    Giving them Love, direction and freedom to be themselves will show you as they grow you ARE DOING WELL.
    Rita recently posted..How Can I Lose Weight by Walking

    • May 15, 2012 at 10:11 pm

      Hi Rita,

      My hat goes off to you – parenting is challenging at the best of times, and to do it alone is amazing 🙂

      So glad to hear that your three children are all doing so well – makes me realise that it is possible (to have happy successful children)



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