Less Hate More Love

Dear Mr Fake Facebook Profile George Nixon,

I don’t know your real name, but you know mine because I don’t sit behind a fake facebook profile, you think you know me but all you know is my name.

You are sitting in your home, hiding behind a computer, saying things on NewsMail facebook page – saying things to hurt my husband David and I. David doesn’t deserve your mean words, nor does anyone.

My name is Lisa Wood and I am a Mum to five amazing beautiful crazy full on boys. They are my whole world, along with my husband David Wood. We don’t hide behind fake profiles as we live our life true to us.

I am so very sorry that you feel like you can’t be the real you. I am so very sorry you think you have to hide behind a fake profile and sit in your home, using the keyboard to say such nasty words. I am sorry but your life must be very lonely and its such a shame because you could be living life with love.

If you would like to get to know me personally I am happy to meet up and give you a hug. Because Less Hate More Love is needed in this world.

On Friday we had to be in town to pick up David’s parents from the Hospital as David’s Mum was taken in the night before, by ambulance, due to pain in her right shoulder. And I said to David “Lets stop and get something for your parents to eat and drink because they must be hungry and thirsty”. So David went into the IGA to get them a snack while I thought they would enjoy a Coffee/Cup of tea. I walked into Cafe House and placed the order, paid for it and walked towards the cake display to see if they had anything Gluten Free.

When I heard the most loudest noise ever. At first I was frozen without being able to really believe what I had seen. It took me a minute to realise that there was a car in the Cafe – but a car isn’t meant to be in a cafe so I couldn’t think about what needed to be done. Then I realised that yep a car was in the cafe which meant that someone must be in that car and that someone must need help.

I raced around and there was so many people there already on phones, helping him, and working out what to do. I stepped up to the car and I realised it was an elderly man and he needed help. He needed help fast as he wasn’t conscious. I started to ask him questions, and this bit gets a little bit hazy but there was a guy who helped me work out the car was still in Drive and I had to put it in park and turn the car off. But then that guy was gone and there was others helping the guy out, giving me instructions of what to do.

The police arrived and they soon stepped in and helped him out. Now I don’t know if he is going to be okay but I am hoping with everything in me that he will make a full recovery.

There was so many people there helping him out, and telling me what to do to help him out. I do remember screaming out to make sure there was no one behind the smashed glass in the cafe – to make sure there was no one else hurt at all. And I do remember asking the Butchers if everyone was okay in there.

I would do it all over again if I had to . I wouldn’t want to because I wouldn’t want anyone else hurt in any way.

But George Nixon {what is your real name?} there is no need to call me words, there is no need to attack the driver and say things that are not true.

I have a saying that I live by and taught my boys “When You Hurt Others With Words And Actions, You Are Actually Hurting Yourself”.

Because your mean words are actually a reflection of your own personality. And a reflection of your own life. Pushing others away will be the end result and you will be a very lonely old person with no one around to love you.

But if you only meet me in person you would know that I would help you out no matter what. Its my personality – I like to help others, and I am always looking for ways to make people’s live their life to the fullest. Its who I am.  I see the good in people, and I see the love.

So call me a “Hippy” if you think that is who I am. But you can’t tell me that because of my actions this world was ruined???

These are some of your nasty words “Do-gooders like you have ruined this country that twisting words to satisfy their own mentality and benefits. Wake up or join the rest of our local APES”

REALLY??? I am so sorry you feel this way. But really??? How could I destroy this country by stepping in and helping out a man in need. And all of those others that were there helping out with being on the phone, helping me out with what to do, and seeing how we could get this man the medical attention he needed…..are we all destroying this world?


Sorry but I don’t think by living with Less Hate More Love that we are destroying this world. I believe that caring, showing love and respect to others in need makes our crazy mixed up world a better place.

YOU can’t make me change my mind – I believe that it was an accident – NO I don’t believe the guy was on Drugs, No I don’t believe that he was able to know this accident was going to happen – yes that it is what it was, an accident by a medical issue that unfortunately happened to him at the wrong time.

There was so many people there helping out that day – from so many on the phones, to so many around the guy trying to work out what to do to help him. Are we all do-gooders destroying this world? I DON’T THINK SO.

There was at least half a dozen people on phones.

There was at least three people helping me to help the guy.

There was people all asking each other if everyone was okay.

There was people screaming to make sure no-one in the cafe was hurt. There was people asking if everyone on the butchers was okay.

It was good to see so many True Australian’s pulling together to help each other out. We all did what we could do for another human being.

And I would do it again in a heart beat. But I hope I never have to again.

Then there was my sweet amazing Husband.  He is still very shook up by the accident.

I didn’t realise that he was in panic mode, because I did what I always do – step in and help out those in need. But David came out of the IGA and was looking for me, he saw the car in the cafe but he couldn’t see me. So he went back to our car and couldn’t see me there. Then he went back to the cafe and still couldn’t see me so he thought I was under the car.

Then he could hear my voice and realised I was helping the guy out.

A policeman did ask David if he was okay, and tried to move him on but he answered with “oh but that’s my wife over there”

At that point in time I never realised that he was so scared – I never realised that he didn’t know where I was. I never realised that he was looking for me. I did see his face and I know that look – it was a look of stunned relief.

I do remember him calling out to me, asking me if I was okay. I was fine, I do remember telling him to go and pick up his parents at the hospital and to come back to pick me up. He was so shocked by it all he was like ” are you sure?” and then realised that his parents wouldn’t understand what was taking us so long to get to them so he agreed.

I was okay after the event, and I was okay when David turned up to pick me up, and he let me know how he thought he had lost me.

I remember hugging him and saying “its okay, I am okay” and him hugging me and not letting me go.

I was okay all day until one of my boys let me know that they were so affected by it – then I lost it.

But I am okay now.

I am stunned that this fake facebook profile account can be so mean. But if he ever got into the situation where he needed help and I was there – no question I would do what ever it took to help him out. Because that is who I am – a person who cares for others and believe that Less Hate More Love is what we all need in our lives.

Less Hate More Love


So Mr Fake George Nixon, man up! Or if you are a lady then get some balls and take your account down. Contact me with your real name, meet me in person, have a hug, have a cuppa and a slice of cake. Get to know the Real People around you, you will be surprised how many people care about others in this world. Make your life better by not bringing others down, but by stepping up and living life with love, kindness, compassion, and being a real person.

I am not hating on you, I am not saying nasty things about you, I am not going out of my way to bring anyone down. A true Australian looks out for their mates, and I would love to meet you and say sorry that you had to feel that way but there is no need to try to make yourself better by bringing others down.

Please let the guy in the car recover, please let his family see him again, please let him have another day of being with those he loves.

Life is so very short – LIVE each day likes its your last because it could be over in a blink of an eye.

My husband David and I, and my boys, are so very grateful that I was in the wrong place at the right time – I was out of harms way but still able to step in and be part of a team that helped a guy in need.

That there is what life is all about – being part of a community.

Less Hate.

More Love.

Is what we all need.

Dear Mr Guy in the Accident – Please be okay. I hope you get to spend more time with your family and your loved ones. I hope that your health recovers and you have many wonderful days with many wonderful memories. I hope that one day I get to see you smiling and can give you a hug.

Love to you all.

Tell your family that you love them, everyday, even if you are going down to the shops for a few minutes, never walk out the door without saying Goodbye and saying I Love You. Because. Life. Is. Far. Too. Short.

Love From Lisa

New Life on the Road

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