Lest We Forget In Clermont

While we stayed camping in Clermont we got out and about on Sunday. Exploring the Playground that was in the town. We decided to go for a walk along the lagoons before we headed back to the car!

Lest We Forget

There was a huge amount of war Memorial information on Boards and even a statue of the late Bill Sing. From Billboards sharing history to facts n figures and then the most amazing discovery waiting to be found……..

Clermont Lest We Forget

Billy Sing Memorial ~

He is well known for his achievements in the War!

Monument to the late Billy Sing

Billy Sing ~

Whose reputation among ANZACs in the trenches was “The Assassin”!

Lest We Forget

Information Board on Billy Sing

On March 10 1916, Sing was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for conspicuous gallantry as a sniper at Anzac Cove!

Memorial Monument Australia

The Number Of People Who Died ~

Serving our Country…blows me away.

Information about those who fought for our country

In Remebrance ~

I liked that we could read about L.Keith Hatfield and what he did for Australia

Nurse going to help those in the war

This Was the Most Amazing Discovery~

A Nurse volunteers and Goes to WAR! Very brave of her!

In memory of late Victor Stanley

The First Australian Soldier To Be Killed ~

In Memory of the Late Victor Stanley Jones….may he rest in peace forever

We will remember them

We Will Remember Them ~

Lest we Forget.

If you ever get a chance to explore the Clermont area, make sure you stop at the Lagoons, and leave plenty of time to read over the many different names of those that have died. It was good to read the background of some of those that have fought, died and protected our gorgeous country. Was chilling how young some of them were.

Have You seen Billy Sing Memoiral Monument?



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