Explore the West End And Stay At The Luxurious Crown Metropol

There is something that you all know about us! And that is our love of Melbourne and our lack of alcohol drinks! But did you know that I have experienced both and loved every minute of it.

Explore The West End

Cant say that I have stayed at the Luxurious Crown Metropol (have stayed at the Novotel in St Kilda) so I guess it would be just as gorgeous! I think it would be on par with Novotel after looking at their stunning rooms online?

Actually we were sharing that very homeschooling term tonight with our boys “Similarity”…..where we are saying something is almost the same but at the same time its different. – Yep Crown would be almost the same as Novotel yet different!

Drinking cocktails in Melbourne

To be able to enter the competition from Nuffnang I need to share a favorite “Lumia Shrub Cocktail” here at New life on the Road! Yet last time I wrote about cocktails I wasnt too sure which one I would like. After drinking a few I now can say which one I would love to try!

Actually after looking at the most amazing list of Lumia Shrub Cocktails, do I have to choose one as my all time favorite? Could I say that I love a few more than the others, and then narrow it down!


Love Melbourne ~

Love cocktails!

Gee I would be over the moon (or is that under the table) after trying “White Chocolate Martini” or even the “Coconut Husk Punch” – actually I think that “Watermelon Sherbet Martini” sounds so very yummy.

Looking Into The Shrub Cocktail Ingredients

Seen as we live the healthy lifestyle (sitting here eating chocolate as I write that!!) I would love the Coconut Husk Punch…..

luxurious crown metropol

 But then again the Watermelon Sherbet Martini sounds even more healthier yummier….

Explore the west end and stay at the luxurious crown metropol

 See how its next to impossible to decide which one is my all time favorite? Guess I need your help….which one would you chose? And Why?

Luxurious Crown Metropol in Melbourne

Guess what? The Luxurious Crown Metropol in Melbourne is the prize on offer thanks to Nuffnang! How cool would that be ~ a night in a hotel, with late checkout. Only one slight issue….what do we do with our four boys? Maybe we could find Nanny McPhee….actually if you do know of a Nanny McPhee please let us know as I so would love to hire her to help raise our boys!

Could You Say Yes To A Night in The Luxurious Crown Metropol?



New Life on the Road.

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