Mackay Geurrilla Knitting Project

Mackay City Library has the most amazing magical tree outside near their swings. I love looking at the tree when its bear so to see it with knitted art work its spectacular. Last time we went to Mackay Library there was a few branches covered in the Knitting pieces, when we went to Mackay Artspace Gallery there were many more branches covered……

Geurrilla Knitting Project

Spotlight even jumped on board with the Mackay Geurrilla Knitting Project. If you collected your card from Mackay Artspace Gallery you were able to get a discount on Wool/Knitting needles etc. It started in the first half of the year and finished by July 24. Yet many others must be joining in on the Geurrilla craze because tagging the tree is gaining momentum. It really does look good – and like the idea behind of the Knitting pieces covering grey :: the project does make one smile!

Mackay Tree Flower Power ::

Mackay Geurilla Knitting Project

Adding colour to life

Asking for the Guerrilla Knitting Project to be left to enjoy! 

On-Going Project

hugging the tree

Geurrilla Knitting in Mackay

Love the bright colours of this one!

Tree hugger

Love how this fits the tree perfectly

 Flowers ~

Amazing how well they fit the tree branches 🙂

Splash of colour

Purple and Green – Gorgeous colours

Wondering how its attached so well?

Do they add it to the tree and then sew it together…

or does it have Velco added to it?

Knitted Tree Snake

Captured our Boys Attention!


This Tree Snake Captured Our Boys Eye~

It looked so real like! 


Adding different projects

Knitted Project Adds More Colour

 Knitted Ball ~

Adds more colour to the Tree

Flowers and colour

Hugging The Tree With Flower Power

Love the Colours of this one~

Reminds me of the garden beds at Mackay Orchid House!

The Tree Outside Mackay Library

Made Us Smile!

 Tree Outside Mackay City Library ~

Sure makes us smile 🙂

 The History And The Beginning Of Yarn Bombing ::

It started back in 2004 and has gone world wide. It’s a form of Graffiti yet its not damaging a building nor is it permanent! There are many names for the Art ::

  • Yarn bombing,
  • yarnbombing,
  • yarnstorming,
  • guerrilla knitting,
  • urban knitting  
  • graffiti knitting

 Its main aim is to create colour to a space that is otherwise grey.  And is even a way for Artists to express themselves through the many different designs.

There are many groups and now many reasons why Geurrilla (or Guerrilla – there are two ways to spell it!) Knitting is popping up in various places. From making a statement, to advertising a certain theme to even celebrating anniversaries of certain places/people! I like the beauty of the colours that add to the beauty of a tree!

This is what the tree looks like before the added Geurrilla Knitting Projects were added!

Before the Geurrilla knitting Project was added

Only a Few Knitted Pieces

 A few Snakes were on the Tree ~

Now there are more splashes of colour!

Do You Have Any Yarn Bombing Projects Near Where You Live?

If so share them on our Facebook Wall or even over at Pinterest~ we would love to see them!

What Do You Think of the Mackay Geurrilla Knitting Project?



New Life on the Road

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5 thoughts on “Mackay Geurrilla Knitting Project

  • October 10, 2012 at 7:28 pm

    What an awesome project Lisa!! I love the branch outside the library. And the knitted ball.
    It’s only recently that I heard of yarn bombing, and found the kid’s picture book ‘Extra Yarn’. I hadn’t seen such great examples of the real thing before though.
    We have a great (amazingly creative!) local arts group here who I can imagine doing something like this too. Maybe I’d better share this on Facebook, and give them a bit of inspiration!!

    • October 10, 2012 at 10:06 pm

      Hi Brigid,

      Oh that would be soo cool – having a group get together to put together there own Geurilla Knitting project! If you do get together and tag somewhere let us know – would love to see the photos 🙂


  • October 10, 2012 at 8:55 pm

    Hi Lisa, I just came across your site tonight and all I can say about your story is WOW! You guys are so brave selling up and travelling indefinitely with no fixed address. What an inspiration 🙂

    I’m in Canberra so if you are ever this way you will have to look me up.
    Angel recently posted..How to build a privacy screen

    • October 10, 2012 at 9:44 pm

      Hi Angel,

      Thanking you for your very kind words 🙂

      We would love to go to Canberra – and yep would love to connect with you!

      We have no plans on ever stopping with travelling!


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