Making Dinner Outside The Motorhome

Last night we decided that it was far too hot cook dinner inside the Motorhome yet our boys still wanted to eat a yummy meal. The next best solution is to cook outside, but what should we cook on?

Making Dinner Outside The Motorhome

David made a choofer at work. Actually he made most of it while on holidays and then finished it off at work. It still needs to be painted and have handles added to the outside of the choofer!

It works a treat…..

Making Dinner outside the motorhome

David cooked this yummy vegetarian spicey dish on the Choofer ๐Ÿ™‚

This had the most yummiest smokey flavour

making dinner outside the motorhome

ย The door opens so that wood can be added as David is cooking

Making Dinner

ย The wok held the most amazing flavour –

its now ready to be served with rice.

David loved cooking on this chinese meal. It must be the fire, the smell and the satisfaction of making something to cook outside the Motorhome with ๐Ÿ™‚

Once all the vegetables were cooked, and the spicey flavours combined together, it was a matter of serving up the meal. Sitting down together and enjoying our dinner together.

Making Dinner Outside The Motorhome might now become the norm for our meals. The Wok now has the real look of a wok, even the handle has the “look”.

What Do You Like To Cook On Outside The Motorhome/Home?



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