Melbourne Has A Piece Of My Heart

Melbourne is one of our all time favorite cities, and one we love to visit. Its a special place – its the City where our Two Oldest Son’s went to for basic Navy Training. Its the place where both boys made all of their family super proud with their Navy graduations – oh gosh do my Boys Look good in Navy Uniforms.

And its also where “World Vision” head office is – a place that is very very special to our hearts.

Yes we love Melbourne and we will always will. Even though we haven’t been there since our second son’s navy graduation we can’t wait to get back there.

Its the culture.

Its the Food.

Its the City.

Melbourne has a Piece of My Heart – always will.

There is something special about walking down Melbourne, especially love St Kilda for the amazing food choices. And we are so very grateful to Qantas for our Flights, to Melbourne Food and Wine Festival for the tickets, and very grateful to Food Porn for holding the competition – Hey check out my poem that won the three magical nights stay down there! {click on the Food Porn hi-lighted words to be taken to the blog post!}

I never thought that I had a chance to win – after all there was some fine entries, but you know what I entered and then forgot about it – so imagine my surprise when I got the email to say that I had won! Blow me away.

But its meant to be. After all its a city that keeps on calling back to me, and one that I love to visit.

I have been there with a magical stay at Tolarno Hotel St Kilda, Novotel St Kilda, The Space Hotel Melbourne, our stay at Frankston Melbourne {for our oldest son’s graduation}

And have even seen the Street Entertainment. We also share our “Postcard from Melbourne” – with a collection of many trips photos!

Now I cant wait to we have the weekend experience to share it all on here! Wine – Food- Wine- Food- Laughs – Meeting famous chefs – Food – more Wine – More Food…..that’s #50shadesofwineandfood please!

And yes Letitia I can’t wait to share my #50shadesofchocolate pictures on our instagram account…if I could I would bring some yummy’s home with me but I reckon that David will eat them on the plane coming home!

What To Wear ::

All of our Good Clothes are in the Motorhome – boo hoo…and I didn’t want to spend a fortune on something that I may never ever wear again so I hit the Op Shops around Maroochydore yesterday – and picked up some bargain Cocktail Dresses….

Black Cocktail Dress


Believe me I never normally look that! I can’t wait to do my hair, and my make up and hit the town!

Pink Cocktail Dress


Shoes and Wrap that goes with either dress



Is it too dressy for the Street party on Saturday night and the House Party on Sunday night? Not sure – never been to the Food and Wine Festival in Melbourne before…but hey a girl only gets to dress up like once in a thousand years so what the heck, lets paint the town red Black/Pink!

Mama Heart Was Broken ::

Now that I am back from taking my boys to their grandparents house – oh gosh was it hard to drive down that road with out them! My mama heart was breaking – after all its normally either David or I {or both of us} looking after them, and I haven’t spent six days from them like forever….as a Homeschooling Mum I am with them all of the time. I can’t wait to pick them up.

Wife Heart ::

As a “wife heart” I am super excited – David and I have never ever spent three nights in a hotel without our boys – we have spent one night away at each time – even our Honeymoon {almost 20 years ago} was only one night away! We are home alone tonight and we won’t have them back with us till Tuesday!!!

Now I have to pack – and I am waiting for David to get home from work. Oh did I mention how super fantastic his boss is!!! David has only been at work for two weeks with them, and yet they were happy to let him have Friday and Monday off to go to Melbourne with me….we are so very LUCKY to have the best bosses in the whole wide world. Even though they are trying to get a caravan ready for a show, they know how important David and I time together is. They get us, and for that we love them.

Melbourne Has A Piece Of My Heart.

Thanking you Qantas, Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Nuffnang and Food Porn – thanking you all to those that made this trip possible {sure hope I thanked everyone?}


Have You Been To Melbourne Food And Wine Festival?



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