Milky Feet So Smooth Almost

A little while back – actually a few months back – I won a great product called “Milky Feet” which I was so keen to try but it was never a great time to sit for at least an hour and place my feet into a bag!

Milky Feet So Smooth Like Baby’s Feet

On the package are the most adjorable baby feet ever! Wish my feet looked that cute…now they are looking better, but are still going through the side effects of the treatment.

Milky Feet So Smooth Almost

When you get your package in the mail and it stats “Do NOT use this product 2 weeks before going somewhere nice due to the peeling effect” (or something like that?) and you almost decide to disregard the advice on the packet….heads up! Its true – your feet will peel, and I mean really peel – like peeling an apple or in my care peeling layers and layers and layers of dead skin.

If you are not able to handle Gross looknig pictures…then please close your eyes or turn away….

So Smooth under the dead skin

Luckily I Decided Not to Do This Treatment ~

Before going to Melbourne!

This is my feet after using the Milky Feet Pack. At first I thought the pack was not actually doing anything, and I thought “Gosh what a waste of time that was” …sitting with two bags over my feet for close to an hour is not my ideal of a fun time, unless something was going to happen.

So Smooth Almost

Milky Feet Treatment ~

Cut the Bag Open, and Place Your Feet In For Treatment!

Believe It Or Not

Yep – it works. It really works. I have never ever seen so many layers of skin peeling off from feet before. Actually it was getting so embrassing as I was not able to go out to the shops in Thongs – it almost looked like I had some kind of foot fungal thingy happening!!

Taking away old dead skin

YES that is Dead Skin Peeling Away ~

See What I Mean..make sure you do this treatment when you dont have somewhere special to go to 🙂

Walking along the beach was good – especially on the dry sand – as that helped to take the layers off a lot quicker. It has been about three weeks since my treatment, and I can still see some of the old dry skin layers peeling away. But its almost all finished.

So Do I Have Milky Feet? Soft Feet? Not completely but my feet are better than what they used to be like – and I can see the difference from photos. I reckon one more treatment and they would be as smooth as Baby Feet!

Where Can You Get Your Own Milky Feet

If you have tired yucky cracked feet, and need smooth baby Milky Feet please drop into Skin Care on the WWW – and even like their Facebook page to stay up to date with their products!

 I reckon that I am in need of one more treatment, and my cracked heels will be a thing of the past 🙂

Q:- Would I Use the Milky Feet treatment again? Sure Wood Would!

Have You Tried Milky Feet?



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3 thoughts on “Milky Feet So Smooth Almost

  • April 30, 2012 at 1:39 pm

    Hi Lisa,

    We were just having a conversation this morning about foot skin. We’re in Bangkok and saw one of those “fish spa” places where the fish nibble away the dead skin from your feet. Kind of grosses me out but I want to try it.

    Bethaney – Flashpacker Family recently posted..A Typical Day in Mooloolaba

    • April 30, 2012 at 5:17 pm

      Hi Bethaney,

      That does sound weird – and I have seen them in photos – but I guess if it works then its worth getting it done??

      Bangkok sounds amazing!


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