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Where Have I been? Super busy with Family {long story}, Homeschooling, Studying for my Massage Remedial Diploma, Geocaching and trying to get on top of everything that needs to be done! Oh and try and find time to sleep 🙂

I haven’t blogged in ages, like I used to. I have had to let it go, and focus on whats really important at the moment. And I sure miss getting on here, and connecting with you all. But life happens and I am happy that we are able to help out David’s Parents. They need us here at the moment, and that is what we are focusing on.

We do have something exciting about to happen, and we have plans in place, but we can’t share it here at the moment {I don’t want to jinx it!!!}

Oh and David had to find work {again} after the Farm Job didn’t work out. The Owners hired backpackers and Let David go 🙁 But it was a very good thing because the chemicals that he was spraying with caused the most nasty rash and he was getting so sick from them – his liver wasn’t handling the chemicals.

He found a job within a few days, and he is way happier. Its a later start time which means a later finish, but hey his health is way more important.

We are changing our way of travelling. Yes we still have our Bedford – we always will have our beloved Bedford but the old girl needs a new engine and gear box. Seen as how its an old school bus, and all the parts have to come from England we have decided that she is costing us too much money to keep upgrading. So we have a few plans/ideas that we are working on – we might have to change “New Life on the Road” heading 🙂 if the plans are put into place!

Can’t say much more, except that being “Stuck” in one place for too long is not ideal – maybe I was a gypsy in a previous lifetime? With no belongings to worry about? Cause the more we sit still, the more David “Buys Stuff” and the more I want to get rid of it all 🙂

I tried to get rid of everything in the Shipping container {as much as possible} but David won’t let go of his tools. As soon as we have a scanner the photos will be scanned and kept in files – TIP Number One – if you are downsizing, and only keeping a small amount of stuff, you might want to invest in a scanner asap. Photos in Albums do not last sitting in boxes in a shipping container – they fade, and get stuck to the photo albums.

Tip Number Two – get rid of everything so you don’t have to worry about a Shipping container – but if you have a Hubby who likes to hang onto things – get a very small shipping container so he can’t keep everything 🙂

Oh any my College has “Upgraded” the Remedial Diploma and I have to be back in Brisbane to re-do Massage Practice 1 and Massage Practice 2 weekends. Not happy but there is not much I can do about it. When I rang and booked I got the “Male Teacher” which is really strict on how the towels sit, on the Muscle Names of the whole body and is super strict on Times 🙁

But on a happy note, it will be over and done before June so that I can still graduate in time. I haven’t really advertised my business “Sunset Massages” lately, but got a booking for a new client the other night, which was super nice because I want to make sure I stay up todate with my skills, and I really love making sure others feel good. And then I thought about it, and have decided to re-list it on Gumtree and update the facebook page – I need to keep focused on the skills I have learnt!

So I am not sure how you are all doing? I hope your year 2016 is going well. I hope your dreams are all coming true?

I miss not getting on here and sharing from the heart, but my Mama’s Heart has been taking care of everything that I can while still trying to keep healthy. Oh and another thing – we are now “Gluten Free, Sugar Free” and almost keeping to the “Paleo Diet” – even Kyle 🙂 And I feel so good about it. I have lost weight, I am working out nearly every day and I feel good inside. I will keep to eating healthy – I have almost given up coffee and stick to herbal teas.

Its amazing how much you feel better on the inside when you are eating well. I actually haven’t had a cold sore in ages, even though I am super busy and super tired, I haven’t had any low immune issues and that is a bonus.

Well I thought I would share with you all our Motorhome Must Have Items – we are big on Storage – you have to heaps of Storage facilities when you are all living in a 10 Metre Motorhome. The Higher bed {Queen size bed} at the back of our motorhome is brilliant for storing luggage bags/sheets/good shoes and Christmas decorations. The other half of the under storage bed has the washing machine inside, and enough space to carry our Generator and David’s tools.

At the moment most of it has been cleared out and is being stored in our Shipping Container – we had to use our generator the other week – there was no power in the area so it was so good to have it!

Our Favorite Items ::

Washing Basket From Kmart


Yep its really important to have somewhere to “Store” dirty washing – we use the “Light” Section for everyday clothes, and the “Darks” section for David’s work clothes, socks and undies {from all of our family}. We picked it up from K-mart {can’t remember how much it cost?} and we are super happy with it, and can’t believe how much it can hold! Would highly recommend them to anyone living in a small apartment, motorhome, caravan, campervan, or even for going camping – it can fold down for easy transport!

Ikea Storage Containers


We purchased these “Storage Containers From Ikea” and the Rack. They hold all of our Toothbrushes, deodorants and toothpaste. I think that these Ikea Storage containers are used a lot for Art/Craft/School supplies, but we love them for all sorts of storage items.

Ikea Storage Boxes and Spice Racks


We used a “Spice Rack” as a “Book Shelf” and the boxes underneath are also from Ikea. The Green one belongs to one son, and the black one to the other son – can you guess who owns the Green One?

Cameron Ikea Book Shelf


Again we used a Spice Rack from Ikea as a book shelf – well its a shelf that holds anything!

Hooks From Ikea


I have a thing for Ikea – they have the best Storage solutions for smaller Spaces, and are perfect for Motorhomes. So we have four of these Plastic Hooks, and they are perfect to keep our hats on, swimmers, Karate Uniform, Belts and so much more. They can take a bit of weight and are very handy to keep all of our hats in one location.

Salt Lamp


We have our Salt Lamp on nearly all day and nearly all night – if we are not in the motorhome during the day, and out exploring then we turn it off. But otherwise we keep it on – it helps all of us to sleep well.

My family


A wall to put your must precious items – this is next to my side of the bed, and has all of our family in pictures and a few of my favorite necklaces.

I have a lot more of Motorhome Must Have Items – like a normal size house fridge to keep all of our food in! And Seatbelts – yeah our Motorhome never had seatbelts when we purchased it. Along with a Safety switch, smoke detector and Mozzies Proof Fly Screen for the windows/door!

What Are Your Motorhome Must Have Items?



New Life on the Road.

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2 thoughts on “Motorhome Must Have Items

  • March 21, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    Hi Lisa, Do you own your own Shipping Container or do you rent one. We hope to shift to the Sunshine Coast at some time in the future and have been thinking of storing and transporting furniture in a shipping container.
    jan recently posted..Sicily’s Scenic Southern Corner Revealed

    • March 22, 2016 at 3:19 pm

      Hi Jan,

      We purchased one at such a great price 🙂 We then painted it green so that it could blend in more {it was white!!}. They sell them or hire them out in Bundaberg, and I think if you did a google search you could probably pick up one at a great price?
      The move to Sunny coast will be amazing!



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