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Motorhome Packing List

Posted by on September 2, 2011

We are so close to getting on the road! I am too scared to say the actually date because every time I do say out loud the date/time/day of when we are heading off….that date comes and goes! So instead of revealing the date (YET) I am asking for your help with a Motorhome Packing List!

Your Help With Motorhome Packing List!

Motorhome Packing ListI am asking for help…I need your advice, hints, tips on what we can take with us while we travel around Australia, and I am asking what will I really need with regards to a Motorhome Packing List! I cant actually pack it all into our Motorhome as yet because David needs to take the bus over the weigh bridge, and he wants it empty. But I can get the packing organised as we have a shipping container that I can store it all in until we are ready to pack it. So here’s the deal…….I am looking for your comments below. I want to know the following!

  • What do I need?
  • What do I pack?
  • What should I add to my Motorhome Packing List?
  • What should I not pack?
  • What wont I need?
  • What is a luxury item but will be fun anyway?
  • What games will the boys need while on the road?
  • How will I keep them quiet while we are travelling?
  • Should I take books?
  • Should I pack spare sheets, towels, pillowcases…..or does that take up valuable storage space?

Here is a vlog where I take you on a tour of our Motorhome!

YouTube Preview Image

The vlog takes you on a tour of our bus! Also showing you what cupboard space we have available.

 Here is another vlog where I continue with asking for help to know what to add to the Motorhome Packing List!

YouTube Preview Image

Please leave your thoughts down below! What Will I really need while travelling around Australia, and what can I forget about?



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10 Responses to Motorhome Packing List

  1. Jackie Stenhouse

    David has certainly done well with the storage space on the bus. In regards to books, I think I would go ebooks for the kids or when you stop in a town get a few from vinnies for 20c each and when they are finished, give them back, as books are really heavy. For cups, plates, towels etc, I would pack 6 of each and plastic to reduce weight (except for your coffee cups and wine glasses) When we were traveling, we had a cupboard each and that held everything we owned. I remember all of my stuffed toys would be at the end of my bed and I had 1 biscuit tin of barbie dolls. I never felt I needed more stuff. Maybe give the boys their space and tell them that is theirs and whatever they can fit can go with you. It will let them choose the things that mean the most to them. I reckon I would go light on with clothing as well with 5 or 6 sets each and just wash a little more often. Good Luck.
    Jackie Stenhouse recently posted..Sugar Flowers Made From Sugarpaste

    • Lisa

      Hi Jackie,

      What a great idea!!! I love your idea about asking the boys what they want to take, and they also giving them choices! They might appreciate their toys more that way :)

      I am not sure about clothes, as we are not too sure what we will be doing with washing. David has yet to put the machine in the boot, and then we also not sure about if we will have access to washing – I think that one is going to be a waiting game….waiting to see what we can take or not take!

      Love your brilliant ideas – if you think of anymore, please come back and let me know!!! I need all the help I can get with our Motorhome Packing List!


  2. Dana

    Hi Lisa
    How exciting :-)
    Here is my 2 bits worth, I found we probably took too many clothes, we have all casual with one or two good( I definitely packed too much)
    The kids read books in their bed at night or if we have no power and of course the good ole DS entertains them for hours ( flipnotes studio- they make stick movies)
    I also packed too much tupperware, only pack enough that would fit in a fridge. If you need more on the road go buy some ice-cream and use the containers.
    We forgot a rolling pin ( Muz makes pizzas from scratch and we used a beer bottle for 6 mths- pizzas on the BBQ are yummy)
    I also took too much personal products but hey, I’m a collector of skin care and everything else to go with it- try and stick with the basics.
    We only use one set of sheets and only had to use the local laundrymat dryer one to dry them. Take lots of rope to hang out your washing between trees.
    Yahzee and monopoly are good games to take and we just bought a good one called pass the pig.
    Dont forget wind up torches.
    That’s all I can think of for now :-)) hope that helps xx

    • Lisa

      Hello Dana,

      Thank you so much for your great comment. That has given us so much to think about, and to work with! I am starting on our Motorhome Packing List but not sure what to take, and what to leave behind! You have given so much useful information – and I like your ideas about games and books :)


  3. Geoff

    Hey Lisa your getting close! suggestion books take a lot of SPACE and are HEAVY since you guys are avid readers maybe try bundling books into lots that can be shipped to you from time to time, use online literature where possible i.e. recipes- save favourites on your computer and google as required, ANYTHING you think you can do without best don’t take, we have over a cubic meter set aside for kids toys but they’ve only concentrated on a milk crate sized amount, so I’ll cut that back. Push bikes essential we even have a fold up bike trailer which is awesome for packing a toddler/picknic stuff, are you A-framing or will you have a trailer? still quite a bit to consider, what are you doing for power i.e generator?

    • Lisa

      Hello Geoff,

      Thank you so much !!! We are looking at what we really need! When you get down to it, there is not that much that we do need :) We have our family, and that is what it is important. We love reading – but we are thinking that we take a few books each and leave the rest behind in our shipping container.

      Not sure how we can take bikes yet, but will work that out as our boys love riding bikes. We are going to get an enclosed trailer, and that is one of the reasons why we are heading to Brisbane as our first stop. We need to be close for Hayden navy interviews as well as supplies for the Motorhome. Davids wants to build an enclosed trailer so that he can build a set of bunk beds in there for our boys :) As well as hold the car

      Be great to catch up somewhere sometime around Australia.


  4. Kama

    Gosh Lisa I wouldn’t know where to start. I guess it is all about stripping back to the bare essentials and being ruthless in your decisions of what to take. How exciting that the time for your adventure is almost here :)
    Kama recently posted..The ripple effect & a year without clothes shopping

    • Lisa

      Hello Kama,

      Thanks – I am thinking about that ! Starting with the bare basics and working out what we really need from that. Off to read your article as it sure looks interesting!


  5. Stephanie - The Travel Chica

    I agonize over a packing list for my 45 liter backpack! It would be so hard to come up with your list. Good luck!
    Stephanie – The Travel Chica recently posted..First Week in Ohio

    • Lisa

      Hello Stephanie,

      Thank you for the well wishes! I am not sure that I could pack a 45L Backpack! But then again our family would have to pack one each :)


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