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Motorhome Renovations :: Re-Sheeting The Passenger Side of Our Motorhome

Posted by on October 20, 2012

Today David and I went flat out to attempt all the Re-Sheeting of  The Passenger Side of Our Motorhome.  And we nearly made it. Even with a very quick trip into Bunnings (yep I dropped everything I was doing to go to Bunnings!) we still managed to almost complete the job.

Motorhome Renovations On The Outside

From Grinding out Riverts to drilling them out, to taking off the Old Sheets, sweeping out the dirt that was in the walls, to lining the walls with insulation.

Motorhome Renovations

motorhome renovations :: One side is completely new!

And then to re-sheeting our Motorhome ::

Here is a photos in a very short video (I even get to use David’s Tools!)

  YouTube Preview Image

Yep today we got a lot done, yet there is still heaps more to do!

Motorhome Renovations :: Are they Ever Finished?



New Life on the Road

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10 Responses to Motorhome Renovations :: Re-Sheeting The Passenger Side of Our Motorhome

  1. Don Blatch

    I came across your website / blog a couple of weeks ago and have been enjoying your facebook updates since. I think its great that you take the time to share your experiences. I have found it quite inspiring – especially when I hit a “low spot” in my bus project. By compaarison my coaster bus is a pretty simple job, althouh it started 4 months ago as a bus (with seats etc.) It has been used for tours up the coast of WA (we live in Perth) and is SO full of red dust you wouldn’t believe it.
    Anyway, congratulations on making a fantastic lifestyle decision, and on sticking to it!

    • Lisa

      Hi Don,

      thanking you so much for the great words of inspiration!

      You have no idea how close we have been to giving up in the last six months – now that we are almost ready to travel we can see our dream in sight!

      Your comment made yesterday so worth it ;)

      Keep going and before you know it all will done and your travelling will keep on going.


  2. Angel - Hammer and Heels

    Hi Lisa, I nominated you for a Liebster blog award which is given to inspiring blogs with less than 200 followers.

    As you already know I find the way you live your life totally inspiring.

    More details on the awards can be found on my blog.
    Angel – Hammer and Heels recently posted..Hammer and heels for Liebster award

    • Lisa

      Hi Angel,

      OH my – are you serious? Never heard of the Liebster Blog Award before!

      Thanking you for being so kind.


  3. Tracey - Life Changing Year

    Hey Lisa – you guys seem to be making great strides in the motorhome department! I don’t know how David keeps going on such little sleep! Loving your facebook updates and photos!
    Tracey – Life Changing Year recently posted..Favourite Fotos – You Get What You Pay For In Egypt!

    • Lisa

      Hi Tracey,

      I have no idea how he can keep going with so little sleep – I am the biggest bear without enough sleep every night!

      He is so good with renovations, and so clever with solutions for making new parts for the Motorhome. Basically it will almost be a new bus when finished :)


  4. Michelle

    I have showed my hubby your posts, which I am certainly enjoy reading. I thought some of your experiences with the renovations might resonate with Rob especially as he is considering starting all over again. We are presently looking for a Hino Rainbow to do up. You can read about our search soon and eventually our work on one when we make a purchase.
    Michelle recently posted..Bli Bli and free camping at Cruice Park & Hampton

    • Lisa

      Hi Michelle,

      All the best with your new journey ~ hang in there no matter what! Sometimes I so could easily walk away from it all…and then other times I am so grateful for the experience.
      Your Hino will rock!


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