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Motorhome storage space

Posted by on February 11, 2011


 Motorhome storage space is  a major consideration in every alteration that is made to the layout of our bus. With two adults and five children on board space is something that we do not have a great deal of. In fact I have turned watching the colour drain from Lisa’s face into a bit of a pastime every time she looks at how small her new wardrobe and other storage spaces are. Sometimes I tell her to downsize just to see the reaction, but most of the time I say don’t worry I’ll sort it with a cheeky grin and then go on to wondering just how I will do it :-)


Constant design changes

Finding solutions to our storage issues usually result in design changes to the layout and construction of the internal fit out. Some solutions come through flashes of inspiration whilst working on our motorhome. Other times they come through ideas and suggestions from friends that are living life on the road themselves.

One of these changes came about through a combination of good advice from friends and some creative thinking to reconfigure the motorhome layout to fit a larger washing machine in than we originally intended. We were going to fit a small washing machine under the vanity but the size of the compartment restricted any washing machine to under five kilogram capacity. On seeing this our friends Geoff and Shelly (who are living in a similar size bus with three children) both said think bigger and move the machine somewhere else. Back to the problem of motorhome storage space. where was I going to put a seven kilogram capacity washing machine?

Daydreaming provides the answer

It was a couple of days after Geoff and Shelly’s visit and I was fitting the draws to the new robes in the rear bedroom when I was thinking of how much I was looking forward to having the main bedroom finished after I replaced the rotten bed base. There was the answer right in front of me. If I raised the bed base by two hundred millimetres to six hundred millimetres I would get that much extra space in the boot which would be enough to put a large front loading washing machine in the boot. It also raised the bed base to the top of the boot door which is at the back of the bed. The increase in height has almost doubled the usable space in the boot by allowing me to store things vertically instead of horizontally.

Here is a series of photos that show how our boot was transformed into a much more versatile space by creating a bed that is close to one metre high with the mattress and bedding on. I might have to get Lisa a ladder to get in and out of bed.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Other possible storage solutions

Moving the washing machine location means that I can put a cupboard under the vanity again. We are also going to remove the full oven and replace it with a cook top to create more cupboards and I have found a large area behind the old destination sign above the windscreen that will be made into cupboards also.

The best bit of advice that I could give anyone that is faced with the problem of insufficient motorhome storage space is, think outside the box (pun intended) and get creative. Maximise how you use your space and life on the road will be more enjoyable as a result of a bit of thought and effort.

In my next post I will spill the beans on how I saved a small fortune on repairs to the engine.



New Life On The Road.

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23 Responses to Motorhome storage space

  1. Jackie Stenhouse

    The motor home is looking fantastic. I can see how finding extra storage space would be a challenge but it looks like you are really solving this problem
    Jackie Stenhouse recently posted..Getting Pregnant Quickly

  2. Dave

    Thanks Jackie, We are happy with how the renovations are turning out. I have so many ideas that I want to try out I think I will still be changing things for years to come.

  3. Dobbs Franks


    I will try my best to find a way to transport a sea salt bath solution to you wherever you are. I love driving and I will catch up with you somewhere and you will never be the same again.

    Do I need to bring the bathtub as well?
    Dobbs Franks recently posted..Bathroom

    • Lisa

      Hello Dobbs,

      So would love that!!! A bathtub that is portable to be transported anywhere anytime :) Now that would be worth a few photos!!


  4. Terry Paris

    Nothing like apparent problems to inspire creative thinking. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Congratulations on your efforts.


    Terry Paris recently posted..Scuba Diving Wetsuits Ensure you enjoy your dive

  5. John Davis

    Hi Dave,
    Your right. If you believe there is a solution to the space problem, first allow it in your thoughts (being) then when that is comfortable the doing will be effortless and you will have your required space. Having lived in a 30 foot caravan for 2-3 years understand the space problem.
    John Davis recently posted..Hello world!

    • Dave

      Hi Terry and John,

      Thanks for your comments. You are both right, if you approach an issue as a challenge and not a problem then a solution is not far away.
      I have never liked problems. I much prefer challenges:)

  6. Sean McLaughlin

    That is really impressive, I didnt realise how much architecture went into arranging a motorhome. Definitely sounds like quite a project.

  7. Romelio

    Hi Dave,
    Are you serious about having 5 children travel with you? Your a better man then me, that a side, it looks like you have got a good handle on making your bus comfortable for your future journey. Looking forward to reading about your spanner work.
    Romelio recently posted..Choosing a Way to Make an Income

    • Dave

      Hi Romelio,
      Our 16 yo thinks I have lost the plot for wanting to take them all around Australia. Sometimes I think I have too, but we are starting now so that they can get a better sense of who they are without all the crap that comes with suberban life. (peer groups, mass media etc)

      Although I am more comfortable on a welder than a spanner I have done my first bit of work on the engine and will be doing a post on it in a few days.


  8. Benji - passionate about Margaret River

    Hi Dave

    Putting your carpentry skill on show. Well done, looks amazing.

    Love to hear how you have got on with the engine and yup I bet you are going to have plenty stories to tell and this is before you have even started your trip round Australia.
    Benji – passionate about Margaret River recently posted..Related Travel Sites

    • Dave

      Hi Benji,

      Thanks for the compliment.
      I will have to try and find the time this evening after I put down the tools for the day to do the post on my engine repairs. We will also be starting to write some posts about the sights and attractions we have visited shortly as we start to get out and about to explore the Bundaberg region that we are in at present.


  9. East Greenbush Storage

    Great blog! I genuinely love how it is easy on my eyes as well as the facts are well written. I have bookmarked your site! When you need self storage, you want to know that your belongings are secure and protected.

  10. Garfield Enfinger

    The toaster. I COULD live without it, but because most of my meals involve toasted bread, and because that’s where I make my brother’s lunch (frozen mini-pizzas), it wouldn’t be for long.

    • Lisa

      Interesting…not being able to live without your toaster!! Will keep that in mind when we stock our appliances into the bus ;)


  11. Kerry Lea

    That is so clever, I would never have thought a motor home would carry a full size washing machine and the alterations look fantastic.



    • Dave

      Hi Kerry Lea,

      Thanks for your comment.
      There are still a few technical issues to overcome and I will void the warranty on the washing machine by installing it in a motorhome but others have been using various brands and types of domestic washing machines in motorhomes quiet sucessfully. You just have to have the motorhome level when you use it.


  12. Carolyn

    The solution for the washing machine was a great idea. Your motorhome is progressing nicely and impressed with how you are finding more storage space. It can make all the difference so you don’t always feel cluttered. Great post.

    • Dave

      Thanks Carolyn,
      I am trying to use the available space for storage as best I can. When we left Glasshouse Mountains the mountain of stuff we had marked as esential was amazing. I am sure that we will have to halve it before we move into the bus on a full time basis or it wil be cluttered.

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