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Motorhome Tour

Posted by on December 24, 2012

I have been so very slack! Sorry its taken me so very long to get the video camera out and give you all a Motorhome Tour of the outside and inside…but there is never enough hours in the day.

David has worked his butt off big time for the last 21 Days. Re-sheeting, Re-building, Re-pairing and even sanding it for painting. That was only on the outside…he even worked on new lighting and new ceiling on the inside. All while trying to spend time with his boys, time out with cooking (crazy man loves cooking as a way to relax???) and still try and get enough sleep.

Finished Paint Job

This Is Our New Motorhome – Painted and Ready to Go!

For the next few days he is so banned from working on the Motorhome :)

Motorohome Tour ::

I thought a video tour would be ideal, even though its taken me over a week to be able to get the video camera out……

YouTube Preview Image

What Do You think About Our “New Motorhome” – we have thought about how much its changed since we purchased our Motorhome…its given a whole New Life!!

Do You Have Any Feedback/Questions?



New Life on the Road

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10 Responses to Motorhome Tour

  1. Giselle and Cody

    Wow!! That is a beautiful motorhome!!
    Could easily travel in that longterm :)

  2. Lauren

    Looks great! You and David have done a terrific job.

    • Lisa

      Thanks Lauren – David is very clever with his ideas and skills. Its looking better but still a bit more to do :)

  3. Allan

    Hi guys, Great job we are doing up a 30ft School bus ATM, I only have a couple of questions. Do you have Aircon in bus while driving if not what do you use? my bus didn’t come with it and I looking at $4500 to have one fitted. some people say just use my generator to use my 240v unit but i don’t like the idea of running something with fuel to keep cool. With your batteries, inverters, solar ect how have gone with wiring all that up, because mine is all 24v with bits and pieces removed i am finding it challenging. Also how did go with getting your bus certified as a motorhome or was that done before getting the bus? anyway keep up the good work

    • Lisa

      Hi Allan,

      thanking you and congratulations on doing up a school bus :)

      We have Aircon but its not for when we are driving, only for when we stop and plug into Power. Something we need to work on charging before heading to Western Australia!

      Our Generator can only power so much at once, so we haven’t really used it for the Aircon.

      Dave is better at answering questions about the 12V/24V power cause he got it all done through the electrician. Will get him to answer in more details.

      Regards the registration process here is a blog post about it – How To Register A Motorhome – we had a lot of fun trying to get it registered but now that it is we are all good to go!

      Hope that helps – we do have lots of Youtube clips on what we have done regards our renovations over on our Channel.

      Happy to answer any other questions :)


  4. Tricia Banfield

    Hi there,
    My 3 children and I are currently living in an old Bedford school bus too, somewhat similar to your original layout, which is quite spacious for us 4 it’s been decked out quite well in the past but needs updating, I really wanted to know what David used for the ceilings as we have tacky grey carpet that I cannot wait to get rid of :)

    • Lisa

      Hi Tricia,

      Great to hear from you, we love to hear from others who live in Motorhomes!!! David wanted to put carpet up but we found an easier solution that can be wiped down when it gets dirty {our boys don’t cope too well with dust and I was worried the ceiling carpet holding to much dust in it!!}.

      He got the ceiling boards from a Hardware Store. Its Polyester overlay pile, you can get it in gloss or satin finish. Any good Interior Pile wood stores/retailer should stock it. Hope that helps :)


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