Munching Monday Chicken Red Thai Curry

I found this recipe that I love to cook (with pics I took over two years ago), and yet I am not sure that I have shared it on New Life on the Road before! Which means that its perfect for Munching Monday Chicken Red Thai Curry.

I do know that I have Shared Green Thai Vegetarian Curry before!

Its been ages since I have cooked Chicken Red Thai Curry, and yet it taste so very yummy! Will have to try and make it sometime this week.

Munching Monday Chicken Red Thai Curry ::

Ingredients ::

4 Carrots

1 Red and 1 Green Capsicum

4 Celery

4 Zucchini

1 Medium Sized Broccoli

4 Shallots

1 Onion

As much Garlic as you like

1 Kg Chicken Thigh Fillets

2 Tins of Coconut Cream

Red Thai Curry Paste

Rice {to serve your family}

Diced up Veggies

Diced up Veggies for Chicken Red Thai Curry

 Chop up the Veggies ~

Put them all aside

More Diced Veggies for dinner

More Diced Veggies For the Chicken Curry

Chicken Thigh Fillets

Chicken Thigh Fillets

See The Date on the Chicken ~

It is because this was cooked over two years ago…..

When we lived in our Motorhome in Bundaberg

Using a Big Fry Pan for the Veggies

Cooking of the Veggies

Browning of the Chicken

Browning of the Chicken

Brown the Chicken Before cooking the Veggies

The Secret Ingredient to Red Thai Curry

Add two Grated Palm Sugar


Adding the coconut Cream

The Spices needed

Adding Coconut Cream and Fish Oil ~

to the Cooking!

Method ::

Brown the Chicken in Fish Oil

Take out of the frying pan

Cook all the diced/sliced veggies

Add the Cooked Chicken back to the frying pan

Add the Coconut Cream and Red Thai Curry Paste {2 heaped tablespoons of Curry Paste}

Add the Grated Sugar Palm

Bring to the Boil and simmer for about 30 minutes

Serve with the Cooked Rice ~ We normally use Brown rice but that time we used Jasmine Rice.

Have You Tried Chicken Red Thai Curry?

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New Life on the Road

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