Music In The Park

Yesterday we headed to Nambour Park to listen to Music in the Park. It was so HOT…like melting heat, but I thought it would be worth the afternoon. Also wanted to see our boys have fun in the most amazing park!

Music In The Park

It was so nice to be sitting on a Picnic Rug and listening to music while two of our boys were playing in the playground! The Music was from live bands, and catered for all music taste. From rock, to easy listening, to even Jazz. People were soon up dancing and enjoying themselves, while I relaxed and took in all of the different cultures that were there!

Nambour Park Music In The Park

Nambour Park

Listeing To Easy Music In The Park at Nambour

Easy Music in the Park

Jazz Playing – Such gorgeous music

Nambour Park

Jazz Music at Nambour Park

Nambour Music in the Park

 Nambour Park – Music In the Park

Nambour Park


Never seen a Slide like this one – Nambour Park Queensland

Nambour Park

 Playing at Nambour Park – see how weird the slide is!

Listening To The Music

It was nice to sit in the shade, sitting on the mat and listening to the live band! The joy was being able to watch my boys playing, to watch the band, to watch the different people around me having fun, and also watching the sword fighting while at the same time listening to Music in the Park……


What Music Do You Like Listening To?



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