My Diesel Injector Pump Repair

Have you ever spoken to a Diesel Mechanic about repairing a diesel injector pump? I have. In my case it was the CAV diesel injector pump that is on the Bedford 466 engine of Rose The Lifestyle Challenge Bus. The problem that I had was that it was leaking diesel everyware whenever I started the engine. I had traced the leak to the stop leaver on top of the injector pump and that was as far as my knowledge of injector pumps went.

 The response of the mechanics that I spoke to was the same in almost all cases. Without even looking at the engine the standard line seamed to be ” That’s going to cost at least two or three thousand to fix” After going weak in the knees when I heard this the first time I started to think “It can’t be that hard to fix. Can it”

Time To Bite The Bullet

Our preparations for departure had gotten to that point in time that I had to do something about repairing the leak to ensure that the old girl was ready to travel. I had decided to call a local mobile Diesel Fitter and get him to either fix the diesel injector pump or remove it and have it repaired. I picked up the phone to call him but at the last moment decided to call a Diesel Injector Specialist instead. I got out the phone book and found an add for one in Nambour which was about a forty minute drive and gave him a call.

A Nice Surprise

After describing the problem and telling him that it was a CAV injector pump  I asked if it was an easy job to fix. I was that elated by his response that anyone would have thought I had won the lottery. Not only was the leak easy to fix he said that I would be able to do it myself with the kit that he had in stock if I was mechanically minded. The best part was that the kit was only $15.

The next morning I was off to North Coast Diesel Service at Nambour to get the kit . When the Injector Technician bought the kit out I asked him how to do the job. He was nice enough to take the time to run me through the whole process including what to be carefull of as I pulled the cover off as there are some parts that are linked by a spring that must go back in the same way as I reassemble it. With that information and my fifteen dollar bag of parts I was on my way home to fix my leaky injector pump.

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Repairing The Pump

To get to the top cover on the injector pump I was going to have to remove the exhaust manifold from the engine and then degrease the engine thoroughly before starting to remove the cover. All this was straight forward except for a stud that was broken on the exhaust manifold. I had to remove the broken stud later which I eventually got out by drilling it out and re tapping the hole after I had snapped an easy out off and ground that back out. As for the injector pump I followed the exact instructions that I had been given and the cover was back on in no time.

After putting everything back and bleeding the injectors I checked to see if the repairs had worked and was rewarded with the sight of a dry diesel injector pump. This was one of those jobs that I got a lot of satisfaction from learning how to do it myself and just getting in and giving it a go.



New Life On The Road

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14 thoughts on “My Diesel Injector Pump Repair

  1. Romelio says:

    Well done Dave
    Being a diesel mechanic myself, it’s good to see you did it on your own, with the have spanner can do the job mentality.
    Romelio recently posted..Choosing a Way to Make an Income

    1. Dave says:

      Thanks Romelio,
      It was one of those jobs that I enjoyed (except for the broken stud) and gained a bit of confidence from. Working on the engine I realised it was a lot like the old Ford Escort engine that I used to work on except for the size and injector system.

      I wil be giving the can do mentality a good test as soon as I can lay my hands on some foam. I am going to have a crack at doing the upholstery for the new lounges that I am fabricating at the moment. Me with a sewing machine could get interesting:)

  2. Cade says:

    Awesome outcome Dave.
    It really does pay to get multiple opinions on any trade related work, especially if its not your your strong point.

    Welcome to the Bush Mechanic’s ‘Hall of Fame’ ;-)

    1. Dave says:

      Hi Cade,

      It certainly paid this time to get another opinion. I couldn’t have asked for a better result. I avoided a large repair bill and learned a bit more about how to repair the engine, Which could come in handy when we are off the beaten track:)

  3. greg says:

    That diesel injector specialist seems to be doing some pretty good stuff. Sounds like he can thrive online with his low cost product and willingness to share what he learns. if only he had an affiliate program….

  4. Do you people have a twitter page? I looked for one on google but could not uncover one, I would certainly love to become a fan! Thank you very much

    1. Lisa says:

      Hello – we sure do have a twitter page. Here it is :)


  5. John Maddock says:

    A good result Dave.

    I have the same problem on an MF168 tractor.

    How do I contact your Nambour parts supplier?


    1. Lisa says:

      Hello John,

      Thanks for asking. Here is the North Coast Diesel Service Website – They are at Nambour, phone number is 07 5441 2933.


  6. pete dacy says:

    G’day Dave,
    great to hear you had a win, I went to north coast diesel with a leaky injector pump on my diesel ute, super friendly guys and they sold me two o-rings for 5 dollars, told me exactly how to fix the problem, i went home and did it and its been great ever since (touch wood!) good bunch of blokes.

    1. Dave says:

      Hi Pete,
      It’s good to hear that you found some good service as well. When you find good service like that you know where to go next time.

  7. julia jones says:

    Hi, Dave

    Its nice to see you overcome this problem. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Diesel pump and injectors

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