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My Family Is My Life

Posted by on November 26, 2011

If you know me you would know that My Family Is My Life! I am who am I because of my five sons….be it crazy, funny, maddness, busy, wonderful, nuts, exciting, full-on, laughing, crying, discussions, happy…that is what my family is (I bet you thought I was talking about the parents!!!)

My Family Is My Life

We Are Who We Are

My family of five boys all have their own personality, and they are so different from each other. Have you read where I shared Letting Go Of Your Children?

I still remember the day we all went out, when our youngest was a baby, and we were stopped in a Shopping Centre by a person who walking by. She was stunned to see so many little boys in one family, and even asked us if they were all from one family :) Yes they are all my boys, and they are why I am who I am, and why I do what I do every day!

My Family In Photos…..

YouTube Preview Image

Gosh I so love my crazy family – My Family Is My Life…..they are perfect for David and I :)

What Is Your Family Like?




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2 Responses to My Family Is My Life

  1. lisa chiodo | renovating italy

    Your boys are so gorgeous just like Mum and Dad! There just is nothing like the love for your children! When Carina was a baby a lady at the shops said to us “OHHh she’s all Daddy isn’t she, turned to me and asked is she yours?” I replied “no I’m his girlfriend” should’ve seen the look on her face PRICELESS! Mind you I was very wound up those ealy days…
    ciao lisa
    lisa chiodo | renovating italy recently posted..Sambuca and Salvatore – the bottle won

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