My Older Son Can Cook

At Christmas time My Older Son came home to spend it with us all. It will be a few years before he can spend it with us cause of his work so it was an extra special time!

I never realised that My Older Son Can Cook, and he can also use power tools – never realised he even knew what a power tool was.

We had the most amazing meals…..thanking you son ::

All of our boys together for Christmas


I Love This Photo ~

All of my boys together for Christmas Day.

You made dinner special one night

You made dinner special one night

One night you made entrees ~

Pizza before we had the main meal (the Potato Salad went with the main dish!)

Our older son can cook dinner

Yummy Ham/Pineapple Pizza

Kyle’s favorite Pizza ~

You Made Ham/Pineapple for Kyle (and for who ever wanted a slice!)

Veggie Pizza

Yummy Veggies

Vegetarian Pizza – Mushrooms and lots of veggies.

I forgot to take photos of the main dish….but it sure was yummy.

Never knew you could cook so well, you sure will make one fine husband one day, very proud of you Woody Oldest Son.

Proud of You Woody Son!

Proud of You Woody Son!



New Life on the Road.


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