Mystery Craters

Australia’s most baffling Phenomenon are the Mystery Craters. They were discovered way back in 1971 by the local farmer as he was getting the paddock ready for growing crops. The Mystery Craters were discovered beneath a layer of silt and sand, and was opened to the public in 1972.  There are 35 Craters that are over 25 million years old!

New Life On The Road Visits Mystery Craters

I took two of our boys to the Mystery Craters which is located between Bundaberg and Gin Gin – about 30 minutes outside of Bundaberg. The other three boys did not want to go because they have been there many times with their Grandparents over the years. Cameron and Kyle were super excited because they love getting out and about and Kyle had never been there before! The Craters have baffled the scientist for many years. Nearly everyone that has seen the Mystery Craters have their own theory!

Here are some of the explanations that might have caused the Mystery Craters

  • Part of a Large Meteorite
  • The roof of a Subterranean Lake caused by oil pressure underground
  • Was the edge of the ocean and is a result of sea action
  • Sink holes from Volcanic action
  • Hot Springs Activity
  • Large Footprints from a dinosaur?

The Mystery

It has never been proven how or why these Mystery Craters came about. Some of the craters hold water, while some of them do not have a bottom so can not hold water. Some of them look the same, and there is three that looks like a giant footprint. One of them is almost like a huge right footprint from a huge animal!

They are not considered to be volcanic, but have believed to have appeared later. There is an even distribution of the red ochre through each Mystery Crater as if it was once churned in a giant cauldron. So maybe they were man made? But who could have made them if they are over 25 million years of age?

Fairy Garden

Upon entering the Mystery Craters there is a Fairy Garden to the right. Of course my Boys were not that keen to check it  out (it is for Girls Mum!) but did love the ability to run from area to area….there is so much to look at. The Boys loved looking at the huge Dinosaur, climbing up the stairs to the viewing platform, listening to the  and the huge shed full of old tools. Even the Souvenirs got both boys attention as there was a lucky dip, rocks, postcards, necklaces, lots of gifts and to top it off a rock display from around Australia!

TheBig Shed!

Here is a video from Mystery Craters with a tour of the Big Shed!  Kyle was so amazed with how many different old lawn mowers and chain saws that they had! I think he could have spent his whole day just in the shed 🙂

If you are anywhere near the Mystery Craters and have children then stopping in and having a look would be a great way to spend a day! It sure was fun 🙂


Lisa Wood

New Life on the Road

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