No Jab No Pay No Australia

Look I am not against the Jab, and I am not for the Jab. Its a personal family decision to NOT have some of our boys Immunized. Our two Navy sons don’t have a choice, they have every needle you can ever think about and then some more – actually they have way too many that are not necessary but because they have to be “Sea Ready” they have no say.

And that’s what I am writing about with the No Jab No Pay No Australia topic. Its totally fine to have your child immunized after all its your child. Its totally fine not to have your child immunized after all its your child. Its your family. Its your choice.

But with our Government {don’t get me started on my thoughts about our stupid Prime Minister} we no longer have any choices.

And to me that is what gets my blood boiling. What ever happened to Australia being a Country where we had choices and freedom to chose what we wanted to do?

What ever happened to Parents making educated informed choices on how to raise our children safely?

What ever happened to Australia as being the country that we were free to live our lives the way we wanted?

After all we are all different so why should we all “Have To Be” doing the same? I have done my research. I have seen first hand the effects the 2 year old immunization did for one of our sons – we have to live with that effects forever. We have to live with the guilt of agreeing to that 2 year old Immunization for our son and see the difference it made to his sweet personality.

We have to live with it forever.

So why would I listen to our So Called Prime Minister and agree to update my boys on their Immunization?? Why would I agree to have poison pumped into their sweet little bodies and hope against hope that they don’t have any nasty side affects?

For the Money?

Nope the money won’t change my decision.

So what good is the New Rules going to do for our Australian People? What informed Parent who has done a LOT of reading and research and read all the ingredients in each Jab would turn around and say “Oh Yes Please Jab My Child With Everything You Have”.

Not this family. Not this lifetime.

I am passionate about “Healing With Food” – we as a family will not go to the Doctors for any Headcolds, for any Chest Infections, for any Ear Aches, for any thing that we know we can heal with Essential Oils, Massages, Red Onion Soup, Chicken Soup For The Soul, Lots of Honey/Garlic/Ginger. We heal with food and Juices.

So you think you can control us Mr Prime Minister Wanker. Think again. We won’t be made to do things that go against our beliefs. The money is only money. Its only paper. And its not going to change my mind.

Our boys health means way more to us then any money in the world.

I have seen the effects of those Jabs. And I couldn’t bring myself to inflect any of those affects on any of my boys ever again. I have seen the effects of the so called Medical Industry and what damage it does to a person body – and I would never ever go down the medical world treatment for anything that I know my body can heal.

I know what foods my body needs. I know what remedies it needs to heal within. Think about the word Disease – really think about it –

Dis – Ease = Not At Ease within.

There to me is the answer to any Health Issues within.

Find what is Uneasy within your own Body and you will find your cure.

The Medical world is not the answer. The government is not the Answer.

Thinking that they can start to control us by Money -and they then will start to control us through everything. If you think that the government has our best interest at heart. Think again.



Why do the Prime Ministers get given a over the top Pension Every Year after serving our Country? What about our aged Care people receiving the same amount of Pension???? Why should one person receive so MUCH money for doing nothing,  and they are wondering why we are running out of Money? And they are wondering why we have such a huge debit to pay off? Its because the Powers that Be Are getting richer, while they want the poor to get poorer.

And if you really do your research, and really start reading about who “Controls” the world {I know the names of the families who have the power to make people live or make people die} You will soon see that this small step of making us all have the “Jabs” are part of the bigger picture – do your own research and find out how many people they want killed off to make the world a smaller place.

Do your own research and work out why Babies are still dying from SIDS….work out when they had their Immunization and then work out when they died. Its not rocket science. But then again most of those Records/Data research is now being hidden so that no-one can link the two. Its not Sudden Infant Death – its death by injection.

Do your own research and work out why so many people are dying from “NEW Improved Drugs” that are meant to cure cancers. Why are those new drugs not working? Cause they aren’t new – they are the same drugs packed differently.

Do your own research and work out how the 9/11 Towers really came down. It might give you the real answers – funny {well not really funny} how the architects who built the towers still say that a Single Plane could not do the amount of damage to one tower like it did. Work out how the towers Steel Structure melted inside so very fast.

Do your own research and find out what exactly are in the ingredients of the so called immunization Jabs….they are not as safe as they used to be.

Why do they have to put “Aluminum” in the ingredients? When we all know that Aluminum leads to Alzheimers???

Why do they have to put in Monosodium glutamate (MSG) – which by the way changes your DNA and our boys are allergic to MSG???

Think about the fact that most of our Children are now allergic to NUTS -again that ingredient will be found in some of the so called necessary Jab.

And if you all are so worried about your Child getting sick because my child hasn’t had all of his Jabs….doesn’t the immunization work to prevent your child from getting sick?

Nope it doesn’t. Surprise Surprise the Needles don’t work to help your child not get the virus

Yeah we had boys {when they were younger and we hadn’t done our research} immunized so they didn’t get Chicken Pox, yeah they have all had Chicken Pox and survived it!

The No Jab No Pay No Australia rules won’t change my mind. It won’t make the research that I have done disappear. It won’t make me believe {all of a sudden} in the Medical World as being a caring place to put my trust in the system.

The system is not to help you get better – after all the government can’t make money when you are healthy. It can only make money when you are sick.

And don’t get me started about the Flu Shot – talk about one dangerous Vile combination of toxins. Check out the ingredients in that one Jab…if nothing else the ingredients will scare the pants off you!!

Think about why there is a “My Gov” website now set up that links Medicare to your information -there is a Big Brother Watching you and its only going to get more and more controlling.

Do your own research. Do your own studies. And then tell me why I should change my mind and Bow down to the Powers that be who have no care factor about my own health.

So Mr Stupid Prime Minister. Who sits in a air-conditioned office all day long, in a suit that cost more then the average Australian wage earner, why would I want to harm my kids to help your plan of controlling us, tell me why?

No Jab.

NO Pay.

NO Australia.

This is only the beginning of the control they want over all of us.

This Is The Beginning Of Way More then either You or I Know about. Think about it. Lets see how much back lash this one blog post will get

Lets see how many scared people are out there and are now running off to get the Jab. Lets see how many other People wake up and see the effects of what the government is trying to do to its people.

Lets See Our World Change. For the Better. Lets see how many people no longer become Sheep and step outside the box and really take responsibility for their own inner health. Lets see if Australia can become what it used to be – a Free Country. Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Choice. Freedom to live our lives the way we see fit.

It starts with you.

It starts with one person reading.

It starts with one person saying No. It starts with one person. And then another, and then soon you have a Tribe.

Other wise we all should lay down and die right now. Because you think its only a Small Jab. But soon it will be more then trying to control us through money. It will be controlling your choices so that you no longer have the right to live the way you are. And if you read this now and don’t agree with those thoughts, that’s fine. After all we are all different.

Come back next year and read this No Jab No Pay No Australia and see how much has changed in your world in one year.

Read it again in two years and see how much more control has happened.

Then again it might not be here then because maybe it will be taken down…Maybe by then I won’t be able to blog freely?

This is not just about immunization. This is not just about money. This is about more.

Way more then you will ever know, way more then I will ever know. Its about doing your research and working out if you have to live your life the way they want, or live your life the way the government wants.

This is a bigger picture then anyone knows about.

And a Change is about to happen. Its about to be a bigger change then anyone would ever think could happen. And I think Australia is ready for the change to happen.

If you think we can’t change the Australian Government Rules then think about what Iceland was able to achieve. Lets see if Australia is as brave as Iceland {do your research on what the People of that country was able to achieve – and think about why no media have covered that fascinating story}

Lets See IF Australia is able to claim back their Country. Lets see if Australia wants a change for the better.

I am leaving you all with this thought

No Jab No Pay means NO Australia like we used to be.

If we all accept this new rule then we all accept that we Australians lose our rights to think.

What Are Your Thoughts?



New Life on the Road

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4 thoughts on “No Jab No Pay No Australia

  • December 11, 2015 at 4:14 pm

    I absolutely agree with everything you have written. I have done my research on the subjects you have raised and sadly it is about de-population. The wanted us to all have the swine flu injection and we said no so now they legislate and frighten people that they will not get the money from the Government so the do. And the people who say to me well where is your proof. Like you say do your own bloody research… wake up before it is too late.

    Children today being forced to have poison injected … tomorrow it will be the seniors and certainly the elderly.

    • January 8, 2016 at 12:34 pm

      Thanks Jan-Marie for your great comment. You are spot on – it is about de-population and the way they are going about it is through forced injections.
      Yep people need to wake up and see what is happening around them before its far too late.
      Scary how our Government is moving towards being more like America, living off grid in the bush is looking more and more appealing every day
      Thanks for being brave enough to comment here.

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  • January 15, 2016 at 1:42 am

    Lisa and David,

    When I first heard about the no jab-no pay policy coming in I was horrified, I expected a big public backlash but it hasn’t come. Why? Because people have been conditioned by mainstream media to turn around and applaud the government for taking away their right to choose. It’s only a matter of researching what was said in the media in the lead up to this policy’s introduction. My local paper actually called parent’s who choose not to immunize terrorists. Whatever happened to media that’s impartial, media that gives the public the facts of both sides and lets them make up their own mind?

    I was so heartened to stumble across this post, I am heartened to know that there are other parents out there who are questioning this policy publicly.

    I also wrote about the policy on my blog:

    If a government has to financially coerce people into doing something that is good for them I have to question why. Until I heard about this policy I hadn’t looked too closely at the vaccine schedule. I simply followed it because many people more knowledgeable than me had done their research and they told me it was the right choice for my family.

    This policy has spurred me to do my own research. I am in the process of making my way through the whole vaccine schedule. No longer will I leave such an important decision to someone else purely because making the decision myself is too time consuming. Whether we continue to vaccinate or not is still to be seen, but either way it will be an informed choice from now on.

    This is the sum of my research of the first vaccine:

    No Jab No Pay means NO Australia like we used to be – So true. How many individual choices will we allow the government to take (praise the government for taking) before we say enough?

    From a long time reader, first time commenter – Thank you for this post!


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