Noosa National Park

Today we couldn’t decide on where to go – to our favorite fishing spot, or to another location and explore something that we haven’t been to before?

We decided to head to Peregian Beach Markets to say Hi to our wonderful friends Annie and Tony. Then from there we drove along the coast line to Noosa National Park. Where we discovered a lookout – the view was breath-taking. We could see from one Mountain to another, and the ocean in between.

Lookout at Noosa National Park

Noosa National Park ~

Noosa National Park Lookout!

Lookout at Noosa National Park

Cameron and Kyle Hanging around with Daddy ~

Noosa National Park Lookout Spot.

Noosa River Park Areas

Our boys were keen to find a park and somewhere to play. By then it was also after lunch time so it was a mad dash to drop us off to a park, and David drove off to find some thing safe for our boys to eat. (our boys cant eat anything with colours/preservatives/gluten in it!). There is some amazing spots in Noosa, and so much to explore – our boys love playing in playgrounds.

Noosa National Park Surrounding Areas

Tewantin Noosa Lions Park

Pirate Playground ~

Perfect for our family!

While David was away Nicholas, Cameron and Kyle decided to play in the Pirates Playground. We found the perfect spot – it was on the river, where the boys could play in the sand/ or play in the water!

Cameron, Kyle and Nicholas off exploring ~

while David was off looking for lunch!

After lunch our boys explored the water. I was a bit freaky about it – not sure…but could the water have sharks in it? We didn’t see any, and we did bring our boys home with us at the end of the day so I guess there was nothing to be freaked out about 🙂

Noosa River

Boat Racing ~

Noosa River

We spent the whole day there – and did not want to leave. We got to relax, and David got to chill out instead of working on the Motorhome engine cover! It was nice to lay down on the picnic rug and doze off – then move to towels on the sand while our boys played in the water.

Playing in the Noosa National Park

Nicholas and Kyle ~

Playing in Noosa river!

Have you been to Noosa River before? Or to Noosa National Park?

On A Different Note::

Was wondering – if anyone had any tips on how to get our family from our Motorhome comfort into the car for a road trip? We have two boys that are struggling at the moment with going to new locations – I am not going to say which of our two boys are driving us nuts on this…but it is rubbing off onto the other two boys.

It’s almost like they are scared to leave the comfort of what they know, and go to the unknown. Yet as soon as we get to our destination – be it the parks, theme parks, shopping centres, bushwalking, lookouts, fishing spots…you name it – they are fine. Yet if they haven’t been there before then they start this crazy screaming/crying….almost like a baby 2-year-old tantrum.

Playing at the Pirate Park Noosa National Park

Kyle Loved Every Minute of the Pirate Park ~

Noosa National Park Area!

It continues into the car, and we have to drive with this uncontrollable crying – gosh no-one said this was going to happen after the “terrible twos” were over?? We have tried talking calmly to them, explaining about what we are doing and where we are going. We have tried to let them know days in advance what we are doing, we have tried to tell them at the last-minute. NOTHING is working – and its scary.

Noosa National Park

Cameron having fun at the Pirate Park ~

Tewatin Noosa Lions Park

The driving while someone is crying/screaming is not safe nor fun – not sure what to do anymore, as the whole purpose of this “New Life on the Road” was to explore new places….please tell me that this is just a phase they are going through and they will out grow it asap – and does anyone have any tips on how to over come it?

As soon as we got to the Noosa National Park and look out everyone was excited, and as soon as we go to the park, everyone was excited. As soon as they got to play in the water, everyone was excited. Did anyone want to leave to come home? No way – they loved the park and the water and wanted to stay there for ever!!

Noosa National Park

Zachery Kyle Nicholas and Cameron ~

Playing at the exercise equipment while walking back to the car!

Gee our boys – sure know how to keep us on our toes!

Where Is Your Favorite Place To Visit on the Weekend?



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